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Uttar pradesh girl Pratibha Verma got 3rd rank in UPSC now IAS officer know her preparation strategy – Uttar Pradesh girl got 3rd rank in UPSC, now IAS officer, told – how to choose optional subject, Education News


UPSC Success story 2024: UPSC exam is one of the difficult exam, we all know this, but some hardworking candidates prove that hard work never goes in vain by getting good rank in this exam. Today we are talking about Pratibha Verma from Uttar Pradesh, who secured third rank in UPSC 2019 exam. Let us know, how he prepared and what was his strategy.

It was not easy for Pratibha Verma to pass the UPSC exam. She is a resident of Jaunpur located in Uttar Pradesh. After completing 10th class from UP Board and 12th class from CBSE Board, he has obtained B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi. Pratibha completed her B.Tech in 2014. After which I got a job in a telecom company, in which the salary was quite good. Her work was going well here, but after leaving the job after two years i.e. in 2016, Pratibha decided to stay away from home in Delhi and prepare for the UPSC exam.

Pratibha failed in her first attempt and in the second attempt she secured 489th rank and was selected for IRS. Although she wanted to become an IAS officer from the beginning. After which he decided to give UPSC exam again. In her third attempt in the year 2019, Pratibha fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS officer. This time he had secured third rank in the UPSC exam.

Pratibha had many health related problems during the UPSC exam, but she was not bothered by them. In 2018, he contracted dengue and in 2019, he contracted typhoid. However, during this difficult time he continued his studies. Due to Corona virus, her interview was postponed by two months, during which she paid attention to her health, did power yoga and meditation and took special care of her diet, after which she appeared in the IAS interview.

This was his strategy to pass the exam

According to Pratibha Verma, one of the most important aspects to crack the exam is choosing the optional subject. His optional subject was Physics. “Optional subjects should be selected based on the syllabus and subjects studied during graduation,” she says.

While dividing the entire syllabus of UPSC preliminary exam (Indian Politics, Geography, History, Indian Economy, Science and Technology, Environment and Ecology, International Relations and Current Affairs) into 5-6 sections. After which you can start your preparation.

Apart from these topics, Pratibha also paid a lot of attention to Logical Reasoning and Comprehension. He had said in an interview, “When it comes to UPSC preliminary preparation, it is very important to study continuously. I had given around 30-40 mock practice tests before attempting preliminary. It is important to understand the type of questions and mock tests are the easiest way to get a grip on all the questions,”

To prepare for her main exam, Pratibha says that she used to write a lot on various topics to improve her essay writing style.