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UPSC IAS success stories know about officer Nirish Rajput who cleared upsc in fourth attempt


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UPSC IAS success stories: Lakhs of candidates every year appear for the Civil Services Examination to crack UPSC, which is considered to be the toughest examination. Very few candidates are able to pass this examination and there are some candidates who fulfill their dream of becoming an IAS officer despite facing many obstacles. Today we are talking about the journey of IAS officer Nirish Rajput, whose life is full of struggles.

IAS Nirish Rajput is a resident of Madhya Pradesh. He belongs to a family whose financial condition was not so good. Due to lack of money, there were many obstacles in his education.

Nirish’s father used to work as a tailor to meet the household expenses. However, the money he earned was not enough for the entire family, so Nirish was forced to borrow money for his livelihood. Nirish knew that only an educated person is looked upon with respect by the society and only education can improve the financial condition of the house. In such a situation, he never let poverty come in the way of his education.

He did his primary education from the village government school and later went to Gwalior. Where he studied for BSc and MSc degrees. However, he also used to work part time to pay his college fees. In those days he worked as a newspaper seller. After some time he decided to start preparing for UPSC exam. However, this journey was not easy for him. In such a situation, he thought that he would prepare for UPSC along with work.

After which he worked as a faculty in a friend’s coaching center, but due to some reasons, after two years, his friend fired him from the coaching center. At that time Nirish seemed to be devastated, but he did not lose courage and decided to change his fate and came to Delhi.

Although he had no money, he borrowed money for his studies and settled in Delhi. Failed in UPSC 2013 thrice but became an IAS officer by securing 370th rank in his fourth attempt.