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UPSC IAS: IRS officer Anjani kumar pandey resigns who gave tips to UPSC CSE aspirants tells next target – UPSC IAS: IRS officer Anjani who gave tips to UPSC aspirants resigns, tells next target, Education News


Anjani Kumar Pandey, a 2010 batch Indian Revenue Service officer who inspired the youth with his articles and thoughts, has resigned with the aim of guiding the youth and doing something for the society. Although she had resigned in August itself and got approval in October, but on Monday, on the day of Makar Sankranti, when the Sun was Uttarayan, on the same day Anjani also made public the change in the direction of her life. Anjani Kumar Pandey, a native of Premdharpatti, Raniganj, Pratapgarh and resident of Naini, Prayagraj, had topped BA in Uing Christian College in the year 2000.

Topped PG English Literature from Allahabad University in the year 2002 and was the B.Ed topper of NREC Khurja in 2005. Gave the Civil Services Examination of the Union Public Service Commission in 2009 and became an IRS officer in the 2010 batch.

While discussing his future plans, Anjani, who has written the famous book ‘Allahabad Blues’, says that his aim is to guide the students preparing for UPSC and to serve the society and country by connecting with the village and the land. This step of Anjani, who shared his UPSC Mains exam marksheet on social media (X) six months ago, has excited his supporters. Jai Shukla, a user on X, has written, ‘Every youth of Prayagraj who knows you through any medium is with you. Whatever new thing you want to do, we are with you. Social worker Shashank Mishra wished him all the best for his new journey.

Anjani Kumar Pandey, who became an IRS officer by securing 314th rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2009, said, ‘My aim is to inspire and mentor the youth preparing for UPSC. The youth also have to be motivated in the field of entrepreneurship so that they become job providers instead of job seekers. It is not necessary that one should go to civil services, there are opportunities in other fields also.

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What Anjani Kumar Pandey tweeted, read the whole thing

Indian Revenue Service… closing a beautiful chapter… and a new chapter of hope with Uttarayan, the journey ahead towards a new goal…

An age has passed. If there is something in the eyes today, then the plains of Ganga, the rays of the sun shining on the white rays of Ganga, the streams of Mother Ganga and Yamuna meeting at a distant point. I have come so far, but still a lot is left behind. Like always, even today if something is with you then it is the blessings of Mother Ganga. The secret of Prayag is still present in my every breath. I have traveled a very long journey, yes a very long journey, and in this journey, under the sun and shade, I am writing the book of life. I was a common boy walking on an ordinary road, who kept moving like a tortoise in the race of life because I had set my goal. The same goal that many youth in Delhi’s Rajendra Nagar, Mukherjee Nagar, Allahabad’s Katra and many other parts of the country see, the goal of passing UPSC! This is a battle of hard work and luck. I worked hard and the lines of fate were in my favor and by the grace of my parents, I passed the UPSC exam, finally in 2010 I became an Indian Revenue Service officer. The blessings given by God were always with me, the hand of Mother Ganga was always on my head, from the holy place of Prayag itself I had resolved to fly high. Many years have passed in my life, even today I remember that first flight of my courage which took me from a middle class family of Prayag to Dholpur House UPSC Bhawan in Delhi. The blessings of the World Ruler have always been with me and it has always been my endeavor that many small birds who want to achieve their destination like me, should open their wings, have faith in themselves, with hard work they should move towards their dreams. I always kept motivating them at all stages of life so that they can also achieve the same distance covered by me. Hopefully, one day everyone will reach their respective destination, or wherever the Creator of the Universe has created them for.

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… As Aditya Dev is arriving in the North, new buds of hope and new shoots of creation are about to sprout. Apart from thanks, what else can I offer at the lotus feet of the Creator. I repeatedly offer the prayers of devotion before the infinite grace of God. Then it is as if all the rays of the sun meet somewhere in the desolate place within me, which has created a special place of its own while traveling such a long distance, and new rays of hope are shining everywhere, indicating that You still have to achieve more goals, you still have to do more penance. There are still many other points of the universe to be touched and there is still more to go. The Lord has come in Uttarayan and now along with him I also want to start an exciting journey under his shadow, I want to perform courageous feats, with hope in the light of the divine beam, I am moving towards a new goal… .

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What is important is not renunciation of service, change of service or starting of new service, what is important is the combination of service with nature. Sankranti i.e. transition was essential for service as per nature…

An inspiring, energetic and by harnessing the rhythm of the entire world merged in the supreme power of the Lord, a student, with the blessings of the Supreme Lord, putting into words the movements of the universe, is moving towards giving a long extension to his short life… .

Bhaskarsya as bright as Makarsthasya increases.
That’s why Bhavatam Tejo Vardhatamiti Kamaye рее
Makar Sankranti Subhashaya:.

– Anjani Kumar Pandey