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UPPSC ro aro: Protest against Commission for canceling UP RO ARO exam question paper was leaked in 2016 also – UPPSC: Protest against Commission for canceling RO ARO exam, question paper was leaked in 2016 also, Education News


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Competitive students demonstrated outside the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission on Monday in protest against the leak of UPPSC RO ARO paper. Raising slogans like the paper is leaked, the government is absolutely weak, the angry students burnt the effigy of the Chief Minister. Demanded that the RO/ARO examination should be canceled and conducted again. Allahabad University student leader Harendra Kumar claimed that the paper was going viral on WhatsApp before the exam began. Warned the Commission that if the examination is not cancelled, the state government should be ready to face protests from the students. Those who burnt the effigy included Shiva Kesarwani, Anand, Adarsh ​​Bhadauria, Saddam Ansari etc.

Copyist sent to jail: During the RO, ARO examination in Pratapgarh on Sunday, candidate Praveen Kumar Patel was caught with an electronic device. On Monday the police sent him to jail.

Question paper was leaked in 2016 also
The incident of 2016 has become fresh amid allegations of paper leak in the preliminary examination of RO/ARO 2023. Due to paper leak in RO/ARO 2016, it took five years to complete that recruitment. The preliminary examination of RO/ARO-2016 was conducted for the first time on 27 November 2016 at 827 centers in 21 districts. 3,85,191 candidates were registered for the examination held in two shifts. During the examination, the paper from a center in Lucknow had gone viral on WhatsApp and former IPS Amitabh Thakur had lodged a report in this matter at Hazratganj police station in Lucknow. The investigation of this case was handed over to CBCID. The agency submitted the final report to the court on 21 September 2018 after completion of the investigation. In which it was said that there was no concrete evidence of the paper being out in the examination.

Lots of mistakes in Hindi paper
The General Hindi question paper conducted in the second shift of RO/ARO 2023 exam is full of mistakes. According to linguist Acharya Pt. Prithvinath Pandey, the question paper has been prepared without understanding the proper use of words. There has been incorrect use of symbols in the question paper of Series D General Hindi. Question number 20 is wrong and so is the answer option, because in this question one wrong sentence has been asked to be given, whereas in it two sentences are wrong. Question number 22 and the answer are completely wrong. In question 24, the word ‘bilkul’ is used, while ‘bilkul’ is a meaningless word, the meaningful and correct word is ‘bilkul’, which is an Arabic word. In question 28 the word ‘Avritivachak’ is visible, whereas it would be ‘Avritivachak’. Question 32 and the answer option are wrong, because it asks to select one correct word, whereas from the point of view of spelling, two answer options are correct. The interrogative sentence of question 37 itself is incorrect.