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UPPSC PCS: difficult question made path to UP PCS easier, these questions were asked to uppcs toppers – UPPSC PCS: Answer to a difficult question made path to PCS easier, these questions were asked to toppers, Education News


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The final result of the Combined State / Senior Subordinate Services Examination 2023 of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission was declared on Tuesday. With this, the wait of 5,65,459 competitive students who had applied for the most prestigious examination of the state also ended. This time the optional subject was eliminated from the PCS main examination. There was also a change in the interview pattern. In earlier years, where interviews used to focus on optional topics, this time the situation was not the same. In the interview, an important stage of the three-stage selection process, such questions were asked which were not easy for the toppers to answer.

Asked the topper, Ram Mandir movement religious or political?
The interview of Siddharth Gupta of Deoband Saharanpur, who topped in PCS 2023, lasted for more than half an hour in the board of Dr. Savita Aggarwal. Siddharth says that there were two questions which he would never forget. A question was asked how to stop corruption in the system. In response to this, he said that it is important to get all the files disposed of on time and keep one’s own image clean so that other employees also stay away from this evil. A question was asked whether the Ram Mandir movement was political or religious. In response to this, Siddharth said that the temple movement that lasted for 500 years was mainly religious. However, a little politics was also added to it. But the movement led by sages and saints will only be called religious.

Asked the second topper, how do you judge the morality of India?
PCS second topper Prem Shankar Pandey, resident of Prayagraj, will always remember one question from the interview. He was asked how he assesses the morality of India. In response to this, Prem Shankar said that India’s morality is inclined towards religious morality and not towards logical morality. Pro. All the members in Rampyare’s interview board were satisfied with the answers from Prem Shankar.

Some’s father is a farmer and some’s grocery shopkeeper, some are already DSP and some Naib Tehsildar, story of PCS toppers

The third topper was asked what is the importance of books in life?
The last question asked in the interview to PCS third topper Satvik Srivastava of Hardoi also became memorable. He was asked what importance the book holds in your life. In response to this, Satvik said that it is like a mother brings up a child. Similarly, books nurture those who have a thirst for knowledge. It is said that a person’s true friends are books. This does not mean that all the knowledge is obtained from books only, practical is also important but books are the foundation of knowledge.

Asked the fifth topper, is corruption a booster of economic development?
Manoj Kumar Bharti of Bahraich, who secured fifth place in the top ten, was asked whether corruption is a booster of economic growth. Everyone in the interview board agreed with this statement. However, Manoj remained firm on his argument without getting distracted. He politely said that it was not so. He presented his case strongly with his arguments and the interview board was satisfied.

The ninth topper was asked, how will you manage solid waste?
Hemant Mishra from Buxar Bihar, who got ninth position in merit, is currently doing research on solid waste management from Jamia Millia Islamia University. The interview board asked him that if you get the responsibility of organizing the fair, what new experiment will you do in implementing the solid waste management system. On this he also satisfied the board with his answer.