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UPMSP UP Board Exam 2024: 10th 12th question paper Strong room double lock night vision cameras protection – UP Board Exam: Strong room, double lock, night vision cameras, this is how question papers will be protected, Education News


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UPMSP UP Board Exam 2024: This time the monitoring of question papers for the high school and intermediate examinations of UP Board proposed from February 22 will be done on the lines of EVMs. Night vision cameras will be installed where papers are kept. Not only this, there will be arrangements for armed police force to guard the strong room at the examination center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To maintain the security and confidentiality of question papers in all examination centres, Additional Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar has sent instructions on January 16 to all DMs, Police Commissioners, SSPs, Directors of Secondary Education, Secretaries of UP Board and Divisional Joint Directors of Education.

To keep the question papers and remaining question papers, a secure room separate from the Principal’s room will be made a strong room, which will have two separate cupboards. There will be a provision to keep the question papers received before the examination in the first double locked cupboard. The remaining question papers and bundle slips will be kept in the second cupboard. Good quality night vision CCTV cameras will be installed to ensure proper monitoring of the strong room and the cupboards kept in it even at night.

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– Armed forces will protect the question papers 24 hours a day, seven days a week
– Instructions to center administrators for UP board exam
– 55 lakh students will appear in the examination from February 22.

UP Board 10th and 12th exam centers final list released

– The key of the strong room will be kept safe with the Static Magistrate posted at the centre.
– Double lock will be opened only in the presence of the Static Magistrate.
– Static Magistrate, Center Administrator and External Center Administrator will be responsible if the paper is taken before the examination.
– Entry of any officer/employee with mobile phone in the strong room will be prohibited.

The recording capacity of the DVR will be at least 30 days. Upon reaching the question paper and answer sheet at the examination centre, the recording of their strong room and the recording of the CCTV camera installed in the examination room of the examination center during the entire examination period will have to be kept safe for at least six months, which will have to be made available to the board if required. .