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UPMSP UP Board 10th Exam: How to get 90 percent marks in UP Board 10th Maths paper imp topics questions – UP Board 10th Exam: How to get 90 percent marks in UP Board 10th Maths, know from experts, Education News


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UP Board’s high school mathematics examination will be held on 27th February. Last year, while changing the pattern, the board also made the answers written on OMR sheets for the first time. This time too, in the question paper of 70 marks, candidates will have to answer 20 marks multiple choice questions on OMR sheets. Answers to descriptive questions of remaining 50 marks will have to be written on the copy in the traditional manner. Experts advise that the more you practice in mathematics, the better marks you will get. Since there is step marking in mathematics, write down all the steps required to solve the questions. Although all the topics are important but Algebra is very important from the exam point of view. Maximum questions of 18 marks will come from Algebra, so prepare it well. There will be 12 marks questions from Geometry, so prepare this also seriously. By solving as many previous years’ question papers as possible, it becomes easier to understand the pattern of the paper.

Before solving the question paper, 15 minutes are allotted for reading the questions. Students should read the questions carefully. Solve easy questions first and difficult questions later. Before solving the questions, make sure whether you have answered the question correctly or not. Sometimes the answer is not correct due to wrong writing of the numbers given in the questions. Shyam Bihari Singh, Assistant Teacher Mathematics, Shivcharandas Kanhaiyalal Inter College

How many marks on which topic?
topic issue
number system 05
algebra 18
Coordinate Geometry 05
geometry 12
Trigonometry 10
Mensuration 10
Statistics 10

– Note down all the rules and main points related to the chapter together, which will make it easier to revise at the time of examination.
– First prepare the topics which you find easy in mathematics so that your grip on them can be strengthened.
– Before the exam, make sure to revise the syllabus and practice solving examples and questions related to each topic.
– Practice geometry by drawing a picture related to the construction and writing the construction step by step.
– Memorize identities in trigonometry by writing them. Practice solving height and distance questions by making related pictures.
– Emphasize repetition of those topics in Mathematics for which more marks are allotted.
– Make sure to use necessary pictures and graphs to explain the solutions to the questions. Write on both sides of the answer sheet.