Home Paper UP Police Constable Paper Leak: Solver gang helped students pass two SSC MTS papers for Rs 7-5 lakh – UP Police Constable Paper Leak: Solver gang helped students pass two SSC MTS papers for Rs 7.5 lakh, Education News

UP Police Constable Paper Leak: Solver gang helped students pass two SSC MTS papers for Rs 7-5 lakh – UP Police Constable Paper Leak: Solver gang helped students pass two SSC MTS papers for Rs 7.5 lakh, Education News



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The paper of the examination held on February 18 for UP Police Constable Recruitment 2023-24 was leaked. Rajeev Nayan, the mastermind of the gang that leaked the papers in the case, has made many big revelations during police interrogation after his arrest. The accused had leaked many examination papers earlier also. In the SSC exam, a solver took seven and a half lakh rupees from a candidate and made him pass two papers by giving the exam in his place. But during verification, he got stuck in the biometric check and was thrown out. The candidate who was the victim of fraud has filed a case against three people including Solver in Nawabganj police station. Police say that action will be taken on the basis of evidence. Anil Kumar, resident of Sahavpur Tali, Nawabganj, has filed a case against Sonu Yadav, Ajay Vishwakarma and Rahul of Nawabganj in Nawabganj police station. Told the police that he had applied for SSC multitasking recruitment in 2019. The exam was on 14 August 2019 in Kanpur. Meanwhile, Sonu Singh Yadav pretended to get a job in the name of education mafia KL Patel. The next day Anil deposited Rs 2 lakh. Solver Rahul took the exam in his place. After this the second paper was in January 2021. Solver Rahul was prepared for this paper also, and he took three lakh rupees in return. Now biometric verification had to be done. Gave Rs 2 lakh 60 thousand for that. But the matter got stuck in the verification held on January 7. He was thrown out because his fingerprints did not match. He was debarred from the examination. After becoming a victim of fraud, now the police has registered a case on the complaint of Anil.

Rajiv Nayan built hospital with black money
Rajiv Nayan Mishra, the mastermind of paper leak in UP police constable recruitment, is a resident of Meja in Yamunapar region. After the death of his parents, he went to Bhopal to study B.Tech and got involved in illegal business in the name of getting admission there. With the earnings of this business, Rajiv made a name for himself in Prayagraj and started traveling with a convoy of vehicles. From making arrangements with coaching operators to leaking papers in competitive examinations, he started earning money in the name of admission.

It is said that Rajeev Nayan Mishra had gone to Bhopal in 2010 to pursue B.Tech. After studying there, he got involved in illegal business. Police said that after marriage, Rajiv kept his wife in the village while he lived with a girl in Bhopal. For the first time, STF revealed the name of Rajiv Nayan on the charge of burglary in TET 2021. Lucknow STF had arrested Rajiv in TET paper leak. After this, Gwalior and Delhi Police arrested him in the case of leaking the paper of contractual staff nurse recruitment examination in Madhya Pradesh.

Meanwhile Rajiv earned crores of rupees. He was caught in Delhi with a luxury car worth Rs 35 lakh. He invested lakhs of rupees in a private hospital in Prayagraj. It is being told that an advance of Rs 40 lakh was given to buy the flat in Bhopal in which he lived. He had to pay Rs 30 lakh more. STF is investigating his bank account.

Leak revealed in RO-ARO exam also: Rajeev Nayan’s name has also appeared in the paper leak of RO-ARO exam conducted by the Public Service Commission. Public Service Commission had conducted this examination on February 11 in two shifts. Even before the exam started, the paper was leaked and went viral on social media. The Secretary had lodged an FIR in the Civil Lines police station after the examination was cancelled. On March 15, Lucknow STF had revealed the RO-ARO exam paper leak and arrested constables Arun Kumar Singh and Saurabh Shukla, dismissed from UP Police. Rajeev Nayan’s involvement came to light in this case also.

Location in Noida also
Accused Rajeev Mishra had also made a hideout in ATS Tower of Noida. He lived in a flat in ATS Tower on rent. Here first he leaked the UP Tate paper. Left Noida flat after UP Tate paper leak. Rajeev Nayan became friend of Ravi Attri during the UP Tate paper leak. Ravi Atri is also the main accused in the UP Police paper leak case and is wanted.

STF will bring Prayagraj on custody remand
STF has sought police custody remand of Rajeev Nayan Mishra, the mastermind of constable recruitment paper leak. CO STF Brijesh Singh said that on Thursday he will be taken on police custody remand to Prayagraj and Rewa. There is an allegation of solving the paper with the connivance of many coaching operators of Prayagraj. In the resort of Rewa, 300 candidates were reminded of the answers before the paper. STF will take him there.

Important clues were found from Rajiv’s call details
According to STF Deputy SP, Rajiv had used two different mobile numbers during both the examinations. He also used WhatsApp on three different numbers. During the absconding, Rajiv took two new SIMs on fake ID. Call details of the numbers were also obtained. STF reached Rajiv only on the facts obtained from this.