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UP POLICE CONSTABLE EXAM 2024 Over 6 lakh candidates from other states like Bihar Delhi Haryana – UP Police: State wise so many candidates will appear in the recruitment Mahakumbh, total number 48,17,441, Education News



UP Police Constable Exam 2024: Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board is all set to conduct the Police Constable Recruitment Exam on 17th and 18th February in Lucknow. Police Recruitment Board DG Renuka Mishra has described the upcoming recruitment drive as a “Mahakumbh” of recruitment as applications from more than 48 lakh candidates have been received for 60244 constable vacancies. Let us tell you, the candidates participating in the police recruitment examination in Uttar Pradesh will be equal to the total population of 110 countries around the world like Singapore and New Zealand. A total of 48,17,441 candidates will appear in the exam for the recruitment of 60244 constable posts. Among these candidates, 15,48,969 are women. 2385 examination centers have been set up in all 75 districts of the state for the examination. The examination will be conducted in a total of 4 shifts in two days. 12,4360 candidates will participate in the examination in each shift.

More than 6 lakh candidates from other states are expected to appear in the exam. State wise details are given below.

Bihar: Maximum 2,67,305 candidates
Haryana: 74,769 candidates
Jharkhand: 17,112 candidates
Madhya Pradesh: 98,400 candidates
Delhi: 42,259 candidates
Rajasthan: 97,277 candidates
West Bengal: 5,512 candidates
Maharashtra: 3,151 candidates
Punjab: 3,404 candidates

Let us tell you, candidates from areas spanning from Jammu and Kashmir to Lakshadweep including Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Daman and Diu will participate in the Uttar Pradesh Police Constable Recruitment Examination.

These preparations are being done to stop copying

As part of the security measures, CCTV cameras will be installed in every room right from the entrance of each examination centre. The CCTV cameras installed at each examination center will be monitored through the control room established at the district level. The examination will also be monitored by creating two control rooms from Lucknow headquarters. CCTV cameras will be installed at the entrance of each examination centre, which will enable recruitment board officials to monitor on real time. This will facilitate tracking of the commencement of entry of candidates at the examination center and closing of the gate. The examination center is being continuously monitored from the control room established by the Recruitment Board 72 hours before the examination. The examination center is under 24-hour continuous police surveillance.

Along with this, an observer will be appointed for each group of 12 candidates. At each examination centre, the deployment of personnel will be divided equally, with 50 per cent to be appointed by the district administration and the remaining 50 per cent to be appointed by the center head. Biometric, facial recognition, Aadhaar authentication and iris scanning will be done at the examination centre.

It is prohibited to carry any electronic gadgets into the examination centre. Moreover, the recruitment board has installed jammers at each examination center to prevent the use of Bluetooth or any other electronic gadgets. The recruitment board will receive real time data from the scanning conducted at each examination centre. Furthermore, the board will cross-reference the suspected candidates with its database and then inform the exam centre. Meanwhile, a database of each candidate of the Solver Gang caught in the examinations of all the departments held so far has been prepared and sent to the district police. Also, the police are keeping an eye on solver gangs. One static magistrate has been deployed at each centre, while one sector magistrate has been deployed to monitor the three centres.

Green corridor will be built

A green corridor will be created to facilitate the transportation of examination material under police protection, so that the examination material reaches the designated center safely, and traffic on the route will also be cleared by the police.

Mobile will not work up to 200 meters

Regarding the examination, the district has been divided into zonal and magistrate zones. All the zonal magistrates and officers were discussed in depth on each point. Each officer was asked about the preparations made for the cheating-free examination. Wherever something different was seen, new points were mentioned for strictness. Even though jammers were installed near all the examination centres, information was collected in full depth. Due to which no mobile will be able to work near the centres.