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UP Police ATS SPOT commando Priyanka Panwar story share by yogi govt minister IPS up girl – The story of the first female commando of UP Police ATS SPOT, whose rules had to be changed due to her strong fitness, Education News


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Be it police or Indian Army, women are showing tremendous strength everywhere. Their number in defense services is increasing. Amidst the increasing participation of women power, the story of a woman whose bravery will inspire more girls to make a career in defense is going viral on social media. This is the story of Priyanka Panwar, the first female commando of the Special Police Operations Team (SPOT) of UP Police ATS, which has been shared by former IPS officer and currently Yogi government minister Aseem Arun on the social media platform X.

Aseem Arun told how due to Priyanka Panwar’s strong fitness, he had to change the rules of spot unit commando recruitment of UP Police ATS. Earlier, male personnel of UP Police were allowed to participate in the admission process, not female personnel. In the year 2011, wrestler Priyanka Panwar joined Uttar Pradesh Police. After the provisions were changed, she became a part of the spot unit of UP ATS in 2017.

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While sharing the photo of Priyanka Panwar, Aseem Arun wrote, ‘Meet Priyanka Panwar who is the commando of Special Police Operations Team (SPOT) of Uttar Pradesh Police ATS.
The story of his becoming a commando is also interesting. When Yogi ji ordered me to form SPOT as ATS Chief, then interested names were sought from all the police and PAC… Many male policemen used to come and take the test, it was a difficult test, only a few were able to pass. One day the spot inspector told me that a girl has also come to appear for the exam, what should I do? I said call this girl, then Priyanka appeared in front of me for the first time…said Sir, I will also become a commando, I am a wrestling player. The girl had enthusiasm and sports fitness. I felt that I had made a big mistake, we had not included the provision of female policemen in the applications we had sought.

Aseem Arun further wrote, ‘We corrected the mistake, took Priyanka’s test. Apparently, Priyanka got selected and attended SPOT training. Priyanka performed extremely well and inspired other girls to become a part of the SPOT team and take part in dangerous operations. And whether it is about taking risks or efficiency, my girls are no less than anyone.

What is SPOT?
UP Police ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) formed Special Police Operations Team (SPOT) in 2017 to gather intelligence and conduct anti-terrorism and anti-Naxal operations. Special training is given to spot team members.