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UP girl Hema living in a hut got America fellowship parents are workers may go US also – UP girl Hema living in a hut got American fellowship, parents are brick kiln workers, Education News


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Dreams can come true provided there is passion, enthusiasm and enthusiasm to achieve the goal. Hema Manjhi of UP is one such daughter whose parents are brick kiln workers and has fulfilled her dream by fighting all the difficulties by living in a small hut. He has been selected by the American organization Princeton Foundation Fellowship for Peace and Learning 2023-24 for its fellowship. This organization will bear the expenses of Hema’s education. He has given the credit of success to Vijaya Didi. He studied till fifth standard in their informal school. After this, Vijaya Didi also helped me in getting my studies done. Today she is a third year undergraduate student at Brahmavarta PG College, Mandhana.

Former President R Venkataraman’s daughter Vijaya Ramachandran runs ‘Apna School’ as a form of informal education for brick kiln workers. From Kanpur to Bihar, she provides education to the children of these migrant workers so that their next generation can move ahead through education. Hema Manjhi, who was among them, lives in a hut near the brick kiln in Amilia village of Chaubepur.

The institution will bear the cost of education
Princeton Foundation Fellowship for Peace and Learning 2023-24 is an American institution. It helps poor children to advance in the educational field. The institute conducts examination and then gives fellowship to those who pass the interview. Hema is one of the lucky students who has been selected for the fellowship. Now this institution will bear the expenses of education. Fees for third year graduation are paid. Will also pay the expenses of post graduation. He may also get an opportunity to go to America for internship.

I will pretend to be a teacher
Hema says that our family is very poor. Resources are not possible in the hut. Vijaya didi and Sangeeta didi helped us, so we studied so much. Our family moves to Nawada, Bihar after the work at the brick kiln is over. She is the only one in this family who started studies and reached here. She says that she will become a teacher after completing her studies. Even now, after coming back from college, I teach children in my school.