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UP Board: Agra school loses recognition after Intermediate Biology and Mathematics paper goes viral – UP Board: Agra school loses recognition after Intermediate Biology and Mathematics paper goes viral, Education News


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UP Board Exam 2024: The school in Agra, whose question paper of Inter Biology and Mathematics examination went viral on WhatsApp group on February 29, was stripped of its recognition on Friday. On Thursday, Vinay Choudhary, a computer operator working in Shri Atar Singh Inter College Rojauli in the second shift, posted the Inter Biology and Mathematics paper on the WhatsApp group named ‘All Principles Agra’ at 3.11 pm. Taking this matter seriously, it has been decided in the board’s meeting held on Friday to cancel the recognition of the said school. The school manager’s son had made the paper viral.

In the new rules of recognition, there is a provision for withdrawal of recognition in case of breach of confidentiality of the question paper, on the basis of which this action was taken. Secretary Dibyakant Shukla has made it clear that in future, if any attempt is made to break the confidentiality of question papers from any school, its recognition will also be immediately terminated. All District School Inspectors have been directed that no one other than the Static Magistrate should use mobile phones at the examination centre.

If a mobile phone or other communication device is used by any person at the examination center, then in such a situation it will be the responsibility of the Static Magistrate to ensure that an FIR is lodged against the concerned person. According to the Secretary, when the question paper was given on the WhatsApp group, one hour and 11 minutes had passed since the beginning of the examination and all the candidates were taking the examination peacefully at their respective examination centres. The sanctity of the examination was not affected at any level by this.

Questions raised on keeping smartphone during examination, strictness
After the question paper from Agra exam went viral on WhatsApp group, questions have also been raised on keeping a smartphone during the exam. In the government order issued by the Chief Secretary, clear instructions were given that mobile phones or such electronic devices which could lead to the possibility of unfair use should not be allowed inside the examination center premises. DIOS and center administrator have to make proper arrangements to keep the mobile phones of room invigilators and other personnel involved in examination work at or near the main entrance. Under no circumstances should mobile phones be kept in the room where question papers and answer sheets are kept. Director of Secondary Education Mahendra Dev has written a letter to all DIOS on Friday that the government order is not being followed.

To monitor the examination centres/strong rooms, the room invigilators/personnel engaged in the examination work at the examination centers of the districts are seen using mobile phones inside the examination center through the command and control room established in the UP Board headquarters and regional offices. Which is a violation of the government order. The center administrator and static magistrate posted at the examination center will ensure that no person engaged in examination work enters the examination center with a mobile phone.