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UP Board 10th 12th Exam 2024: 3-24 lakh students missed the exam the lowest in three years – UP Board 10th 12th Exam 2024: 3.24 lakh students missed the exam, the lowest in three years, Education News


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UP Board’s high school and intermediate examinations were completed peacefully on Saturday. The special thing is that the examination has been conducted in 12 working days, the shortest time recorded in the history of the board. Earlier last year, the examination was held in only 14 working days. 324008 candidates (High School 184986 and Intermediate 139022) remained absent in the examination. The number of people leaving the exam is the lowest in three years. In 2023, 450011 (high school 252833 and intermediate 197178) and in 2022 434404 (high school 261011 and intermediate 173393) were absent. The main reason for this is effective control on registration of fake candidates and increased confidence of students towards board exams.

After the completion of the cheating-free examination, UP Board Secretary Dibyakant Shukla told the media at the board headquarters on Saturday that FIRs have been lodged against a total of 56 people in different districts who affected the sanctity of the examination. This year only 48 candidates were caught cheating, whereas in 2023 and 2022, 127 and 190 candidates were caught cheating respectively. This year, 37 solvers were caught appearing for the exam in second place, while in 2023 and 2022, 133 and 47 solvers were caught respectively.

Logo on inside pages of copy for the first time:
To eliminate the interchange of answer sheets and their inner pages, along with printing of protective QR code, serial number on the copies, the Board’s logo and page number on each page were printed on its inner page for the first time. Along with this, stitched answer sheets were prepared in four different colors unlike last year. To prevent unruly elements from spreading any kind of misleading news on social media, a QRT was formed at the Board Headquarters through which misleading news was monitored and resolved.

Training from 11th to 15th March:
The evaluation of board exams will run from 16 to 31 March. Before that, training will be given to deputy controllers in all five regional offices from March 11 to 15. The Board Secretary said that the evaluation centers will also be monitored from the command centre.

Eye of more than 2.90 lakh cameras:
More than 2.90 lakh CCTV cameras with voice recorders were installed in 1.35 lakh examination rooms and school premises for 24×7 online continuous monitoring of all 8265 examination centers and strong rooms. Before placing the question papers in the strong room, the connectivity of the strong room with the command center was thoroughly checked. In this, CCTV cameras of 455 examination centers were not live, they were immediately made live. All the centers and their strong rooms were monitored through 180 employees appointed in three shifts on 60 computers in the command center of the Board Headquarters. The strong room was also monitored from the command centers of the five regional offices. Apart from this, officials in all the districts inspected the strong room at night, due to which the purity of the question papers was maintained. While issuing show cause notices to 21 centers where suspicious activities were observed in the examination halls during the monitoring, a message was given that if any attempt is made to influence the sanctity of the examination, strictest action will be taken. In the same sequence, the school was debarred (blacklisted) after a student ran away with the answer sheet from Maa Chandrawali Ramjilal Inter College, Nagla Baharavati, the examination center in Agra. Another school in Agra, Shri Atar Singh Inter College, Rojauli, where an unsuccessful attempt was made to influence the integrity by sending the question paper on a WhatsApp group one hour and 11 minutes after the commencement of the examination, all the accused including the main accused Vinay Chaudhary were arrested within 24 hours. He was arrested inside and sent to jail and the board canceled the recognition of that school.