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UK Teacher Vacancy: Uttarakhand basic teacher recruitment primary teacher class 1 to 5 BEd out DElED will be eligible – Bumper recruitment of teachers from class 1 to 5 in Uttarakhand, BEd out, only DElED will be eligible, Education News


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There is good news for the unemployed people waiting for basic teacher recruitment in Uttarakhand. The government can start the recruitment process for the vacant posts of basic teachers before the implementation of the code of conduct for the Lok Sabha elections. According to the order of the Supreme Court related to the qualification of basic teachers, the Education Department has prepared the draft of amendment to the Basic Teacher Service Rules. This draft is set to be brought in the proposed cabinet meeting on March 4.

Education Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat has given indications in this regard recently. He says that after the proposal is approved in the cabinet meeting, the recruitment process will be started immediately. It is known that at present about three and a half thousand posts of teachers are vacant at the basic level. With the amendment in the rules, BEd degree will be removed from the eligibility of basic teacher. After this, only DElED trained will be eligible to become teachers for classes 1 to 5.

According to sources, the Directorate of Basic Education has been instructed to make complete preparations to start the recruitment process after the amendment of the rules. According to sources, depending on the number of D.El.Ed trained in Uttarakhand, the Education Department can start teacher recruitment in two phases.

Counseling for all posts in one day, at one place
The Education Department is also considering implementing a new system in basic teacher recruitment. Under this, instead of conducting separate counseling in the districts, there is a plan to conduct counseling and appointments for all the posts on the same day at one place. The advantage of this will be that many times the unemployed apply in more than one district. After selection, they join the desired district. Due to names appearing in the merit list, one post in other districts is left out of recruitment. Due to this, it is not possible to fill all the posts on time. To fill the vacant posts, the process has to be started afresh.

Recruitment is happening continuously in the state, appointment letters are being received.
So far, 3841 candidates have been recommended for selection through direct recruitment from the State Public Service Commission in the year 2023-24, while the Medical Selection Board has selected 2713 candidates. The target is to recruit about ten thousand posts in the Education Department on permanent and outsourced basis. Before this, the Dhami government had also set records in the recruitment of officers. According to the data of Public Service Commission, only 6869 officers were recruited in the first 22 years. During Dhami’s one year tenure, a record was made in the recruitment examination of 6635 officers. Earlier, the Public Service Commission was able to conduct only five, eight to ten examinations in a year. Now he is able to conduct more than five times more examinations.