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UGC: Online distance and open degree will treated equal to regular degree know how job will be beneficial


Recently, UGC has recognized distance medium degrees like online, distance and open of recognized educational institutions as equivalent to traditional degrees. This will prove beneficial for every student dreaming of higher education. Many students have been studying online or through distance mode (ODL) to add a degree to their CV. But, somehow it is considered less worthy than the regular college. But, recently the University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced that from now on, graduation and post graduation degrees obtained through remote means like distance, open, online from recognized higher educational institutions should be considered equivalent to degrees obtained in the traditional manner. . However, there are seventeen courses including engineering, food technology, medical, nursing, physiotherapy, hotel management, aircraft maintenance, law, horticulture, pharmacy and sports etc., which have been kept away from this mode. There are many other things in the new guidelines, which the applicants should know well.

The youth can now take up those courses which they were hesitant about because they are considered to have more value if done only through traditional medium. But, its benefit can be mainly given to those who want to take an online course for higher education or while in job.

Confidence in employers will increase
This news is no less than good news for 22-year-old Neha, who works in a multinational company in Noida. She says- ‘For many reasons I had to do graduation through distance learning instead of regular college. Now it feels good to hear that my degree will be considered equivalent to a traditional degree. Because, many types of questions are asked in the beginning. For example, why did you study in open mode? What was the problem with regular?

Will help in increasing skills
This will also benefit professionals who want to enhance their skills along with studies. Azad Jitendra Chaudhary, student counselor at Baiju’s, says, ‘The pattern of education is changing all over the world. Especially those preparing for competitive exams, their inclination towards good online institutes has increased. However, according to career counselor Jitin Chawla, ‘Of course, the decision has been taken to give recognition to OLD at par with regular courses, but considering our education, it has to be said that its complete implementation will take time.’ Still UGC has clearly stated that applicants should check carefully about the no admission category or prohibited online programs. It is also important to know the equivalence of qualifications with the traditional mode, the courses prohibited for OLD and the recognition of higher education institutions and courses.

UGC said, distance and online degrees should be considered equal to regular degrees.

– Students of distance education and online courses will have to develop their skills along with degree to establish themselves in the stream of regular course students, only then their credibility will be maintained.

– Only those foreign universities whose online degree courses have been recognized by UGC will be effective in terms of government jobs.

Now by doing two degree courses simultaneously, students can become more skilled in less time.

– Students from far-flung areas will get the opportunity of higher education, which can be a good opportunity to enhance their skills. Especially young professionals who started working early, or live in remote areas where institutions are lacking, and those who want to continue further education along with work, but are facing a lack of recognition. Due to which they were holding back their steps, they will now be able to strengthen their CV. These days, better skills are at number one in the priority list for companies.

The pattern of education is changing all over the world. Especially those preparing for competitive exams, their inclination has increased towards good online institutes. This has also provided an opportunity to acquire more skills simultaneously. -Azad Jitendra Chaudhary, Student Counselor, Baiju’s

There are some other benefits too
– Wide selection facility
-Students get opportunities to choose diverse institutes and diverse courses.
– less expenses
– Saves time and money.
– whenever and wherever
– Online course content can be accessed anytime within 24 hours.

global knowledge
With instructors from around the world, students are equipped with global knowledge.
opportunity to increase stake

Regarding the new change, Senior Leadership Corporate Trainer Reena Singh says that it will bring more benefits. With this change, the stake of youth from small towns will also increase in the selection process of companies. There will be better acceptance among employers regarding online studies. Every youth will have equal opportunity to enhance their skills.

45 per cent of students agreed that the biggest advantage of e-learning is ‘learning anywhere, anytime’, in a survey conducted on 3000 students. 20 percent said that the biggest feature of the online course is the facility to do it at one’s own pace.