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These sentences dangerous during job interview like UPSC UPPSC HPSC SSC BPSC corporate sarkari naukri – These 7 sentences can become dangerous during job interview, if spoken, you can lose your job, Education News


Job Interview Tips 2024: To get selected in a job, it is necessary to go through the interview round. Candidates who are going to attend the interview for any job, then they need to take special care of some things. Here we are going to tell you about those sentences which should never be uttered during the interview, otherwise you will lose your job.

The career expert, who has hired candidates in companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft in his seven years of recruiting experience, said that the interview depends on what you say in the interview. In such a situation, do not use these sentences.

1. “I’ll do anything”

Candidates often use this sentence when they want to get a job, although this sentence sounds good, but the interviewer may find this sentence frustrating or lack of focus. Interviewers want candidates to know themselves well so that they have a clear understanding of what they can do and how their work matches the requirements of the position.

2. “What does your company do?”

When you apply for a job in a company, you should know what the work of that company is. One should not go for an interview without thinking. Many times candidates ask the interviewer what the work of the company is and how many branches it has. In such a situation, the interviewer comes to know that you have come for the interview without any preparation.

3. I don’t have any weaknesses

What is your weakness? This is often asked in interviews. Everyone has shortcomings. There is no one who is perfect. If you are asked such a question, avoid answering “I have no weakness”. You can say, Sir, I have made mistakes many times, but I have learned a lot from those mistakes.

4. I hated my last boss

If you are interviewing for a new job, the first rule is that you should not talk bad about anything related to your previous job. Often candidates say that they had problems with their boss at their previous job. Doing this is a big threat to your job. Therefore avoid using this sentence.

5. I don’t know

During the interview, if you are asked something and you do not know the answer to it, you can politely refuse it. With this you can say, sorry, I don’t know about this yet. Don’t say “I don’t know” directly.

6. You can just check my resume

If you’re not a good person, it doesn’t matter how well written your resume is. Therefore, if you are asked something, answer it correctly. Never say this during an interview, Sir, it is written in my resume, read it.

7. “When do I start getting paid?”

If you are applying for a job and get selected then obviously you will get a salary. In such a situation, never ask during the interview, ‘Sir, when will I start getting my salary?’

Using this sentence will make the interviewer feel that money is your only concern. Companies want to hire candidates who not only care about money, but also think about the growth of the company.