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The joyousness of Ram Lala’s life consecration program going on in Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya is at its peak. The devotion and happiness of devotees is being seen in temples and places of worship in every street and locality of the country. The men and women of the country are Rammay. Ramdhun was playing on every person’s mobile. After a few hours from now, the consecration program of Ramla will be held in the presence of thousands of dignitaries including the Prime Minister of the country and experts in their field. Ayodhya city is going to become a symbol of the country’s cultural identity as well as national heritage. Now questions related to Ayodhya and Ram Temple are more likely to be asked in competitive examinations. Keeping this in view, we have brought some special quizzes related to Shri Ram Temple for you which can help you in the upcoming examinations.

Questions Related to Ayodhay Ram Temple 2024:

Question: When did the Ayodhya Ram temple dispute reach the court for the first time?
Answer: For the first time in 1885, the case reached Faizabad court.

Question: How many years did the court battle last to resolve the Ayodhya Ram temple dispute?
Answer – 134 years. The case went on for 102 years in Faizabad District Court, 23 years in Allahabad High Court and 9 years in the Supreme Court.

Question: Who was the judge who gave the verdict on Ayodhya Ram temple?
Answer- Present CJI Justice DY Chandrachud, then Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, former Chief Justice SA Bobde, former Justice Ashok Bhushan and S Abdul Nazeer.

Question: Date of Ayodhya Ram Mandir verdict?
Answer- 9 November 2019, Day- Saturday.

Question: Who prepared the design of Ayodhya Ram temple?
Answer- Chandrakant Sompura and his son Ashish Sompura of Ahmedabad.

Question: In which style was the Ayodhya Ram temple constructed?
Answer- In Nagar style.

Question: With which stone was Shri Ram Temple built?
Answer- From sandstone of Rajasthan.

Question: What is Makrana stone?
Answer- It is a highest grade marble. Makrana marble has been used in the sanctum sanctorum of Ram temple.

Question: How many faces does the main peak of Shri Ram Temple have?
Answer- Octahedral.

Question: What is the perimeter (length, width and height) of Ram temple?
Answer- Length- 350 feet, Width- 250 feet, Height- 161 feet.

Question: Who is the deity of Vishnu Panchayat?
Answer- 1- Shiva, 2- Maa Durga, 3- Hanuman ji, 4- Ganesh ji and 5- Sun God.

Question: Who is the craftsman who carved the idol of Lord Ram Lala?
Answer- Arun Yogiraj

Question: Which stone has been used in the construction of the idol of Ram Lala in Ayodhya Ram temple?
Answer- Shaligram stone (black color) or black stone.

Question: Where was the stone for the idol of Ram Lala brought from?
Answer- From Gandaki River of Nepal.

Question: How many pavilions have been built in Ram temple?
Answer- 5, Nritya Mandap, Rang Pandap, Kirtan Mandap, Prayer Mandap and Sabha Mandap.

Question: In front of which pavilion is the sanctum sanctorum of Ram Lala?
Answer- Sabha Mandap.

Question: Who is the main host of Shri Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha?
Answer- Dr. Anil Mishra and his wife Usha Mishra. Dr. Mishra is a member of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust.

Question: Which company is responsible for the construction of Shri Ram Temple?
Answer- L&T.

Question: Expenditure in construction of Ram temple?
Answer – About Rs 1100 crore in the construction done till Pran Pratistha. Total estimated amount Rs 1400 crore.