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These are the career opportunities in costume designing and disaster management – Education News


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Costume designers design special costumes to suit a particular scene or situation. To be successful in this field, you should have creativity, ability to understand the situation and make it come true, ability to design the garment in 3-D effect through computer, better communication and ability to struggle for a long time. A costume designer can find work in the film and television industry, fashion shows, fancy dress shows, theater and various event management companies. You can also start your jobs in dress material related import houses, manufacturing units, fancy retail outlets, fashion journalism and advertising agencies. Till now no special course related to costume designing is available in India, rather in many institutes it has been included as a special paper under the fashion designing course. Therefore, you can do diploma and degree courses related to fashion designing from various institutes available in the country. After this, you can join any establishment related to costume designing and gain work experience and expertise in this field. Major institutes offering fashion designing courses include National Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi, International Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi, National Institute of Design Ahmedabad.

My financial condition is not good. I want to do a course in disaster management from a government funded institute. Please give information.

-Rashid Khan

Many short-term courses and workshops are conducted by the National Institute of Disaster Management, New Delhi, working under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Under the institute, a total of 30 disaster management centers have been established in most of the states of the country, from where you can do a course of a few days. Website nidm.gov.in You can get information on.