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There will be online monitoring of universities in Bihar – There will be online monitoring of universities in Bihar, Education News


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Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar said on Friday that there will be online monitoring of universities in Bihar. Monitoring will be done from Raj Bhavan through the app. While presiding over the Senate meeting at Purnia University, the Governor said that there should be transparency in the functioning. It is required in the functioning of all universities. Our effort on behalf of Raj Bhavan is to create an app keeping in mind today’s technology, through which Raj Bhavan will be directly in touch with its university. This will give an idea of ​​what the Vice Chancellor’s office is doing now. What the Registrar’s Office is doing in real time. What are the exam controllers doing? Raj Bhavan will know what is going on in the university. Allegations and counter-allegations keep happening. This is going wrong. This is not getting better. You will also know what is happening in our universities. There should not be the slightest doubt. We want to cancel all doubts and apprehensions. Before this, on reaching Purnia, Vice Chancellor Prof. Rajnath Yadav welcomed him by wearing Mithila Paag.

He said that in Bihar there are only seven colleges for every one lakh students, whereas on an average there should be 30 colleges for every one lakh students in the country. There is a need to pay attention to this, only then the level of education in the state will be able to improve. If the university thinks properly then there is a need to expand to 15 to 20 colleges, then the level of education here will change. Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar said these things while presiding over the Senate meeting at Purnia University on Friday.

The Governor said that we have an agency for our examinations, later its results, evaluation, mark sheets. When I came to Bihar, the only question in my mind was what is the need of an agency. We have thought about outsourcing the work that the university should do. The session results here are getting delayed. The examinations are pending. If you try to know, you will come to know that there is an outsourcing agency which goes to higher level and does blackmailing. Our university has employees and they needed to be trained. The agency does not do this intentionally.

Grant money should not be diverted from here to there:
The Governor said that admission should be at the college level. A child from one district has to go to another district. This kind of wrong practice has to be stopped in all universities. In the coming time, if nominations are done at their respective levels then there will be no problem. Not even a single penny of grant should be diverted.
The Governor said that the topic regarding promotion has come up. Raj Bhavan has written to all the universities that if any teaching or non-teaching staff is to be promoted, then it should be done after making a schedule. Don’t do it with your mind. Those who serve should be promoted on time. Hold a meeting in this regard twice a year. Promotion is their right, not our mercy. Vice chancellors were to be appointed in seven universities. During the discussion it was revealed that many were not able to apply due to lack of promotion on time.

Hundred research papers should come to the university every year:
Don’t turn the university into a college. University is for research. A university should produce a hundred research papers every year. Do PhD, Doctorate, Research. Society, country and humanity should benefit from this. University is for this. When it appears that the university is functional. I have noted the issues raised in the Senate meeting. There should be another meeting of Senate and Academics. There is no need to postpone this. It is the responsibility of all of us to raise the level of the university.