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Teachers attendance report of Notecam App will come to the education department daily – Education News



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The attendance report of teachers of all primary and secondary schools of the state will come daily to the command control center of the education department. Regarding this, Director of Secondary Education Kanhaiya Prasad Srivastava has sent a letter to all the district education officers. The department has said that this decision has been taken to ensure timely attendance of teachers in schools. In the letter sent by the department, it has been said that apart from recording the attendance of teachers in the attendance register, photographs will be taken through the Note Cam app and made available directly to the district office. Then its report will come to the command control center of the department through the district office. It has also been said in the letter that to ensure that schools open on time and all students and teachers are present, inspection is being done from the state and block level through Note Cam app. During this period, any teacher who remains absent without notice has his salary deducted for that day. Also, disciplinary action is being taken against such teachers. This action has yielded better results and teachers remain present throughout the school term. Besides, the attendance of children in schools is also increasing.

DM will review student-teacher attendance and studies in schools
All the District Magistrates of the state will definitely hold a review meeting with the principals of secondary schools once a month. The Education Department has issued guidelines in this regard. The department has said that the District Magistrate will know the status of student-teacher attendance, special classes for weak children in studies, computer education etc. in the review meeting and will take necessary initiatives to improve it. The department has told the District Magistrates that infrastructure is being created on a large scale to improve teaching and learning in schools and to improve the attendance of students. Its continuous monitoring is also necessary, so that the steps taken for improvement reach their destination. Take action against teachers who do not follow the instructions of the department. Despite the recommendations of the District Education Officers, no action has been taken against the teachers by the planning units. Ensure action is taken on these matters also. The department has also said that the work of construction of rooms and boundary walls and development of playgrounds in the schools of the state is also going on war footing. Also, the cleaning of schools is being done through a private agency. Review its progress regularly. Ensure that construction work is completed on time. For this, along with the engineers of the education department, they should also take stock of the expenditure of development fund and student fund in secondary schools. An amount of more than Rs 600 crore has been sanctioned for the availability of bench-desks in all the schools of the state, monitor it and pay special attention to the quality.