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Situation in Madhyamik schools: Every month the expenditure on educating 28 children is Rs 10 lakh – Situation: Every month the expenditure on educating 28 children is Rs 10 lakh, Education News


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The number of students in many aided secondary schools in urban areas is very less. Due to the neglect of officers, management, teachers and parents, the level of education is also falling. Take Gopinath Girija Nandini Girls Inter College for example. 10 teachers are deployed here to teach 64 girl students. Similarly, the number of students in Radha Raman Inter College Daraganj, Lavkush Higher Secondary School, Dr. KN Katju, Indian Girls Inter College, Mahila Gram Inter College, Maharishi Valmiki Inter College and Kulbashkar Ashram Inter College is not satisfactory.

Could not make adjustments in one and a half year: Officials of the Secondary Education Department have not been able to make adjustments of surplus teachers in aided secondary schools in the last one and a half year. Director of Secondary Education, Dr. Mahendra Dev has ordered the Divisional Joint Education Directors to adjust the surplus teachers on 22 December 2023. Earlier, instructions for adjustment were also given on September 7, 2022. But till date the proceedings have not been completed. On the contrary, in schools where surplus teachers were already employed, teachers from other districts were transferred.

58 students, seven teachers are posted in Radha Raman Girls School.
In Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth Inter College, 13 teachers are getting a salary of Rs 13 lakh for teaching 64 girl students (35 from class six to eight and 29 from class nine to 12). Similarly, in Radha Raman Girls Higher Secondary School, Unchamandi, seven teachers working to teach 58 students are being paid a salary of Rs 7 lakh.

13 teachers in Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth to teach girl students
The number of students registered in Parshuram Inter College Nayapura is 28 and ten teachers are working here. Of these, there are 15 students from classes six to eight, while there are 13 students from classes nine to 12. Each teacher is paid an average of Rs 1 lakh per month as salary from the government treasury. It is clear that the government is spending ten lakh rupees every month to educate only 28 children.