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Republic Day Speech in Hindi: Today on 26 January, India is celebrating its 75th Republic Day. The countrymen are full of patriotic feelings and enthusiasm. Every citizen of India is celebrating these glorious moments with full enthusiasm and grandeur. The country’s Constitution came into force on 26 January 1950. Since then this day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm as Republic Day. On this historic occasion, speech and essay competitions and other competitions are organized in schools and colleges. If you also want to prepare a better speech on the occasion of Republic Day, then the speech given below may prove useful for you. From here you can prepare speech points.

Republic Day Short Speech in Hindi: Great speech on Republic Day

Respected Chief Guest, Principal Sir, my teachers and my colleagues…
Many best wishes and congratulations to all of you on the 75th Republic Day. Today our country is celebrating its 75th Republic Day. This 75th Republic Day is in many ways a historic milestone in the country’s development journey. 26 January is a date which Indians can never forget. Our Constitution came into force on 26 January 1950. This was the day India became a democratic republic.

Friends, 26th January reminds us of three major achievements. The first is that we
Found the Constitution which the people of India had made to decide their own future. The second achievement was that the nation got back its original name Bharat. The third major achievement was that we got our own President in place of the Governor General appointed by the British Emperor. On this date, the Governor General’s flag was lowered and the first President of India hoisted his flag. On this date the Constituent Assembly transformed into a Parliament pending the first general elections. On the same day, after the oath of the President, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and his cabinet took oath in presence of their Constitution.

India had achieved independence on 15 August 1947, but due to the absence of its own constitution, India was governed for 29 months only according to the Government of India Act 1935 passed by the British Parliament. When our own Constitution came into force in the country on 26 January 1950, our government, our governance and system started running according to our Constitution.

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However, on the occasion of Republic Day, flag hoisting ceremonies and other parades and cultural programs take place in different areas of the country. But the biggest, major and most important function of the country is organized at Kartavya Path in New Delhi. This program showcases the country’s strength, progress, rich cultural heritage and military might. The tableaux of various states in the parade reflect the unity in diversity of the country. The President hoists the tricolor in this grand parade held at India Gate in Delhi. On Republic Day, the country remembers and salutes the freedom fighters who liberated India. Bravery awards are also given to military personnel, police personnel, civilians and children who display bravery on the occasion of Republic Day. Apart from this, Padma awards are also announced.

Friends, Republic Day is one of our three national festivals. This day is a national holiday. Our national festivals are important occasions when we look at the past and assess what we have lost and what we have gained. We also look towards future challenges and goals.

After independence, our country’s development journey gained momentum with the five year plans, Green and White Revolution. After this, today India has hoisted the tricolor on the moon. Our country has not only become a nuclear power but the armies have also been equipped with modern weapons, advanced fighter planes, submarines and destructive weapons like modern rifles. Indian Railways is one of the largest networks in the world. Friends, after independence, our country has made so much progress in the fields of science, technology, education and entertainment that the world is looking at us. India has become the 5th largest economy in the world.

Today we should also gratefully acknowledge the armed forces, police and para-military forces. Without their bravery and alertness we could not have achieved the impressive achievements we have.

Friends, after such a long journey, there is still a lot left to achieve. Even today, there are problems like terrorism, Naxalism, gender discrimination, crimes against women and discrimination against them, unemployment, corruption, poverty, illiteracy etc. We have to come together to eradicate them from their roots. Availability of adequate drinking water has to be ensured in every household in the country. The goal of providing 24 hours electricity to every house in every city and village is to be achieved. We should also take a pledge to keep our area clean today.

Friends, I hope you liked my speech. I would like to conclude my speech with a poem.
Don’t ask the world
what is our story,
our identity is just this
That we are all Indians.

Once again Happy Republic Day to all of you. Jai Hind. Victory to India. Long live Mother India.