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Republic Day speech in Hindi: 26 January speech in Hindi simple easy short gantantra diwas par bhashan – 26 January speech in Hindi: Simple and powerful speech on 26 January Republic Day, Education News


26 January Speech in Hindi, Republic Day speech in Hindi: This time on 26 January the country will celebrate its 75th Republic Day. That means our country is now entering its 76th year as a republic. French President Emmanuel Macron will be the chief guest at the 75th Republic Day parade. The unity, integrity and military strength of the country will be reflected in the cultural diversity of the country on the Path of Duty in the national capital Delhi. On the occasion of Republic Day, programs are organized in various schools, colleges and government offices. Apart from flag hoisting, essay writing and speech competitions are also held in many schools. If you are also planning to give a speech on this occasion, then you can take the help of the speech given below.

Republic Day speech in Hindi: Speech on Republic Day

Respected Chief Guest, my teachers and my colleagues…
Today India is celebrating its 75th Republic Day. That means we have now entered our 76th year as a republic. 26 January has been declared a national holiday. First of all I want to tell you why Republic Day is celebrated. In fact, even though the country became independent on 15 August 1947, we did not have our own constitution at that time. After three years of independence we got our constitution. The Constitution of India was implemented on 26 January 1950. It was on this day that our country got its constitution. No country can run without a constitution. After the implementation of the Constitution, our country India became a republic. Today is the 75th anniversary of this historic and auspicious day. On this auspicious occasion, I heartily congratulate all of you, all the people of India living in the country and abroad.

Today every citizen feels proud of India’s glory story. After independence, we Indians have achieved countless achievements, today is the day to celebrate and celebrate these achievements. Today we should also salute the freedom fighters who liberated the country and the great men who made the Constitution. We and our country will always be indebted to Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar who played the most important role in the making of the Constitution.

Give this easy and short speech on 26th January Republic Day

When our country became independent, it was trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy. But after seven decades of hard work, today our country has reached the moon. Our country, which has become a nuclear power, is on the threshold of joining the list of developed countries. India has become the fifth largest economy in the world. The condition of the entire world economy deteriorated during the Covid-19 pandemic. India’s economy also suffered considerable damage. But on the strength of struggle, we came out of the recession in a very short time and started our development journey again.

On the occasion of Republic Day, a grand Republic Day celebration is organized at Rajpath. The President hoists the tricolor flag. He is given a 21-gun salute along with the national anthem and flag hoisting. Important honors like Ashoka Chakra and Kirti Chakra are given. The tableaux displayed on the Rajpath reflect the unity in diversity of India. Contingents from all three armies of India – Navy, Army and Air Force participate in the parade and the strength of the army is visible.

Today, many welfare schemes are running in the country to raise the standard of living of the weaker and marginalized sections of the society and bring them into the mainstream. Every possible effort is being made for the welfare of Scheduled Castes, Tribes, women, poor, farmers and labourers.

People of various generations working in different sectors deserve praise for their invaluable contribution to the development story of our Republic so far. The roles of farmers, labourers, teachers, scientists and engineers, police forces should be appreciated. Every citizen who contributes to the progress of the country should be appreciated. We should also not forget the brave soldiers and military personnel who protect the country’s borders and who are always ready for any sacrifice. Their passion, bravery and courage should also be saluted.

Today we should resolve to eradicate problems like crime, corruption, violence, Naxalism, terrorism, poverty, unemployment, gender discrimination, illiteracy etc. The dream of the freedom fighters will not be fulfilled until India is brought out of these problems. Apart from this, we should also join the cleanliness campaign of the Government of India by keeping our surrounding areas clean.

Once again I wish you a very happy Republic Day. Jai Hind. Long live Mother India.