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Rajasthan Police SI recruitment exam: Fake selection of 400 candidates RPSc RAS 2018 and 2021 also Kirori lala meena – Fake selection of 400 candidates in Rajasthan Police SI recruitment, RAS 2018 and 2021 also rigged: Kirori, Education News


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After fraud came to light in Rajasthan Police SI Recruitment 2021, State Agriculture Minister Kirori Lal Meena has claimed that about 400 candidates have been fraudulently selected in this recruitment. Dr Meena made this claim after presenting evidence to SOG in Jaipur on Tuesday. Dr. Meena said that he presented evidence to SOG and raised the demand for investigation. He also claimed fake selection of candidates in RAS-2018 and 2021 and demanded an investigation. He said that in the SI Recruitment Examination 2021, recruitment for about 859 posts was done by the previous Congress government. He has already exposed large scale fraud regarding this recruitment examination. About a dozen FIRs have been registered regarding cheating in this recruitment examination, but no action was taken, rather the police lodged an FIR in the FIR lodged by the government officials.

Meena said that after being selected on about 859 posts in SI Recruitment Examination 2021, he is currently undergoing training in RPA/Kishangarh. Of these, about 300-400 candidates have been fake selected. If the videography/call letter (from RPSC) of the center where the selected candidates appeared for the examination is released, then the faces of the selected candidates in RPA/Kishangarh will be matched and hundreds of candidates will be found to be fake.

He said that he saw the interview of a selected girl in which she was not able to tell the name of the President of the country. Another girl also sat and took the exam in her place. If the selected candidates are scrutinized thoroughly, around 300 candidates will be found to be fake. He said that in this examination, where the original applicant was a woman, a male candidate took the examination at the centre, such examples will also come to light after investigation. He has said that the selection of hundreds of candidates from Jalore district also points towards fraud.

Dr. Meena said that he had already exposed SI topper Naresh Khileri’s connection with the paper leak mafia but the Congress government ignored him while he was caught in the BJP government.

He also demanded investigation into RAS-2018 and 2021 recruitment, saying that its revelations had been made earlier also. He said that the answer sheets of 2018 main examination were examined in closed rooms at MDS University, Ajmer. RPSC member Shiv Singh Rathod committed a big scam by appointing his favorite professor as the coordinator. In this, relatives of the leaders of the then government were given good marks.

He said that the answer sheet of a candidate was exposed in the media that while checking his answer sheet, NA i.e. Not Attempt was written by the professor and zero marks were also given, but after the result of this candidate, the marks were reduced. Because of his arrival, he remained below the merit list. During the same time, Shiv Singh Rathore also became the acting president with the kindness of the government, taking advantage of this, the questions which were left out i.e. zero marks were written in the answer sheet of this candidate and by going to the court, the candidate was able to get this answer sheet re-checked. being successful. Whereas RPSC goes to the Upper Court against every decision.

Dr. Meena also revealed the answer sheet of the fourth paper of the same candidate and told that in this the examiners gave a record breaking 145 marks. When VK Singh of SIT saw this answer sheet, he was also surprised. He said that this is an example, such frauds have been committed on a large scale in the conduct of RAS Main Examination 2018.

He said that no stone was left unturned in conducting the 2021 examination in a hurry. The pre-examination was controversial, due to which the candidates went to the Supreme Court, but due to the wrong mentality of the government, this paper was conducted. Dr. Meena said that the then Chairman Shiv Singh Rathore had a plan behind this, he wanted that the examination should be conducted soon, so that the papers prepared by him for the 2021 main examination could come. The papers were conducted quickly as per his wish. The question about which Shiv Singh Rathore tweeted while being the President, came during the ten marks examination. Apart from this, getting the answer sheets of 2021 main examination checked by the lecturer of a private college also points towards big corruption. Despite having big professors in the state, RPSC taking this step also points towards big corruption.
He also handed over another list of the accused of REET paper leak to VK Singh and said that SOG officers were also involved in this game, whose names were also handed over.