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niyojit shikshak and librarian recruitment fraud: folders of 72000 teachers not found more than 100 FIRs registered – Employed teacher and librarian recruitment fraud: folders of 72000 teachers not found, more than 100 FIRs registered, Education News


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The investigation into fraud in the reinstatement of teachers and librarians employed in the state has been going on for the last 9 years. Following the order of the High Court, this case was handed over to the Monitoring Bureau in 2015. In this investigation which has been going on for such a long time, till now the folders of 72 thousand 168 teachers have not been received by the Monitoring Bureau. Efforts have been intensified at the level of the Monitoring Bureau to complete the investigation of this matter soon. But till now, due to the folders of so many teachers not being received from the education department or planning bodies, there is a problem in the investigation. In the investigation conducted so far, 1380 FIRs have been registered in the cases of teachers reinstated on the basis of fake certificates, in which 2585 have been made accused. Apart from the officers and employees of many planning units, public representatives of other levels including the head are also included in these accused.

At the education department level, meetings have been held with officials from district to other levels to provide monitoring of missing folders of teachers. Arrangements have also been made to upload the folders of employed teachers online. Despite all the efforts, 72 and a half thousand folders are still missing. In most primary schools, folders of 71 thousand 630 teachers have not been found. In the case of 3 lakh 52 thousand 927 teachers from all the districts from the level of DPO, 2 lakh 80 thousand 759 folders were handed over to the monitoring for investigation. In this, 8 lakh 30 thousand 582 certificates have been examined. In this, 5 lakh 91 thousand 934 certificates were found correct and 2 lakh 38 thousand 648 certificates are pending for verification. 2185 certificates have been found fake.

Highest number of FIRs filed in these districts
Among the FIRs registered, the maximum number of 103 FIRs has been registered in Madhubani, in which 112 accused have been made. Apart from this, 85 in Purnia, 79 in Nalanda, 71 in Gaya, 60 in Sitamarhi and Gopalganj, 59 in Jamui, 48 in Jehanabad, 44 in Saran and Munger, 40 in Patna, 46 in Begusarai, 47 in Banka and Arwal, 47 in Darbhanga. 39 FIRs have been registered in Bhojpur, 35 in Buxar and Muzaffarpur, 38 in Samastipur and 36 in Rohtas.