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MP 10th Board students did not reach exam center on time due to waterlogging caused by rain – MP Board: Students did not reach exam center on time due to waterlogging, missed paper, Education News


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MP Board: Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh (MPBoSE) has started the Class 10th examinations from February 5, which will be conducted till February 28. During this examination, an incident has come to light on which people are expressing their displeasure. Let us tell you, this incident happened from Sheopur in Northern Madhya Pradesh. In which a student missed his examination due to waterlogging on the road.

Actually, a student in Sheopur had reached the examination center on a bicycle to appear for the 10th class examination. The distance from home to the examination center was 8 kilometers. According to a news website, the student reached the examination center half an hour after the exam began. Due to arriving late, he was stopped from entering the examination centre. After which the student became very upset and cried bitterly.

The name of this student is Ankesh Kevat, he had reached his examination center i.e. Higher Secondary School of Birpur Tehsil Headquarters late. He is a student of class 10th and on the day he arrived late to take the exam, the exam for Hindi subject was conducted. Let us tell you, the location of the examination center was 8 kilometers away from his native village Nitanwas. Ankesh had covered this distance with the help of his bicycle.

Ankesh said, he could not reach the examination center on time because the road in front of his house was filled with mud and water. This happened due to rain on 4th February. Let us tell you, the reporting time for the exam is 8:30 am, but Ankesh reached half an hour late i.e. at 09:00 am. Ankesh was not allowed to enter the examination centre.

He repeatedly requested the examination center in-charge and other staff members to allow him to take the examination. However, no one paid any attention to his request. All of them rejected the student’s request citing the prescribed rules. After persuasion by police officials and local people, Ankesh returned home and missed his exam.

Officials said, if a student is late by 15 minutes, he can be given admission from 8:40 to 8:45. Although Ankesh had reached the examination center at 9 o’clock, the examination center in-charge did not allow him to enter.