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MCA or MBA what is better after After BCA for more job offers high salary packages career expert


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Many students doing BCA are confused about whether to do MCA or MBA? Career Counseling Ashish Adarsh ​​says that BCA is a course which gives you initial introduction to computer applications. But, while doing BCA, you will easily get an idea whether you have the capability to be a software programmer or not. Taking MCA or MSc (Computer Science) after BCA makes sense only if you want to become a software computer programmer. There are a number of software companies in the country, which hire a large number of MCA or MSc-Computer Science students every year as programmers. But, if you feel that programming skills and logic are not your cup of tea, then go for MBA after BCA.

In the last semester of MBA, you have to take a specialization paper. At one time there were only four specialization papers – Marketing, Finance, HR and Production. But now, apart from these, many new specialization paper options are available in MBA, one of which is Systems or IT. MBA (IT) after BCA can position you on managerial posts in software companies. Apart from this, many companies working in e-commerce like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata, Reliance Digital give preference to students who have knowledge of management along with computers. Various companies also hire such students for their IT related projects.

BA pass students will be able to do MCA, 5 year integrated BCA-MCA course prepared under NEP

Courses and career prospects in Forest Management
Forest Management is an offbeat course and is a relatively new subject. Forest management professionals are responsible for the protection of forests as well as plantations. This includes collecting data from field sites, climbing or driving on rough and difficult trails, meeting wildlife experts, working on scientific papers or popular articles, writing for grants or financial assistance, and meeting policy makers. These professionals are required to be physically strong as well as love nature. For admission to this course, after passing 12th from Biology subject, students can enroll in B.Sc. Forestry course. There are many institutes which offer PG Diploma in Forest Management course. Like Forest Research University based in Dehradun, Birsa Agricultural University based in Ranchi, Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University based in Jabalpur are prominent.

After doing a course in forest management, youth can also work by joining NGOs. Additionally, you can also make a career as a wildlife range manager, researcher, photographer, and teacher. One can decide the path to become a forest officer by getting a government job or by appearing in the Indian Forest Services examination conducted by UPSC.