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MBBS Seats: NEET UG NMC suspends decision on MBBS seat cap amid strong opposition


MBBS Seats: After protests from many southern states, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has postponed for a year the decision to limit 100 MBBS seats per population of 10 lakh in each state. Now this rule will be applicable from 2025-26 instead of 2024-25. On November 1, the Health Ministry had asked the medical education regulator to reconsider the provision of 100 MBBS seats for a population of 10 lakh. After this NMC has decided to postpone this decision.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala were strongly opposing this new rule of NMC. The number of medical colleges and MBBS seats is very high in these states. These guidelines, notified on August 16, said that there would be a maximum of 150 MBBS seats in the medical colleges established from the upcoming academic session. There will be 100 MBBS seats for a population of 10 lakh. With these rules, NMC said that fixing the limit of seats will reduce regional disparities in terms of availability of health professionals.

MBBS seats in South India
– In Andhra Pradesh, the estimated population was 5.34 crore, which meant the state could have 5,346 seats. There are currently 6,435 MBBS seats in the state.

Karnataka, with an estimated population of 6.76 crore, has 11,695 seats – the highest in the country. According to NMC rules, there should be only 6,770 seats in the state.

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– Kerala, with an estimated population of 3.57 crore, has 4,655 MBBS seats – much more than 3,577 as per the NMC criteria.

– The NMC notification puts the number of seats in Tamil Nadu, with an estimated population of 7.68 crore, at 7,686, about 4,000 less than the existing 11,600.

– Telangana, which has been increasing MBBS seats for the last few years, plans to add 800 seats next year. Its estimated population is 3.8 crore and the seats should be around 3,809 seats. However, the state currently has 8,540 MBBS seats, which is about 5,000 more than the seats prescribed by the NMC.

The situation in UP is reversed
India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, which had an estimated population of about 235 million, has only 9,703 seats. As per NMC norms, MBBS seats should be 23,568 which is 14,000 less.