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Laborer’s son passed RPSC third-grade teacher recruitment examination in 8th attempt became Geography Professor – Son of a laborer from Rajasthan became a professor, had failed 7 times, passed the exam in the 8th attempt, Education News


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Success story: To achieve success one must work hard. Those candidates who work hard honestly with all their heart, their efforts never go in vain. Today we are going to tell you about a person who has fulfilled his dream of becoming a professor because of his never-say-die attitude.

According to a news website, a man from Rajasthan had failed the exam seven times to become a professor and finally, he secured the post of Geography professor in his eighth attempt.

The name of this person is Kirtaram Meghwal, who is a resident of Negrada village of Barmer district. Kirtaram is one of those people who believe that hard work will definitely yield results one day. The financial condition of his house is not good, but still he did not let poverty come in the way of his goal. Let us tell you, Kirtaram’s father is helpless and the house runs only on his earnings. His mother is a housewife and takes care of the house. Kirtaram’s elder brother Jogaram works as a tailor.

Wanted to become a Geography Professor from the beginning

Kirtaram Meghwal has had a keen interest in Geography since the beginning. He took an exam seven times to become a lecturer in this subject and failed seven times. If a candidate fails more than once in any competitive examination then he might leave that examination, but Kirtaram failed 7 times and gathered his courage and decided to give the examination again for the 8th time. Let us tell you, when he failed in the examination, he went to work as a laborer with his father, but his father asked him to study. After which he started preparing again for the examination.

On the basis of his hard work and dedication, Kirtaram got selected in the RPSC Third Grade Teacher Recruitment Examination in October 2023 and in December 2023 he became a professor of Geography subject. Kirtaram showed that if you want to achieve any goal then just keep working hard to achieve it, one day you will definitely get results.