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Job Interview: How to Answer What Are Your Salary Expectations During a Job Interview


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Salary Expectations may be asked during a job interview. While answering this, people often make mistakes out of nervousness. If you are prepared in advance when you are asked about your expectations regarding salary during the interview process, your claim for the position can be strengthened. Prepare your answer like this

Mention salary range, not amount
If you’re at the point in the interview process when an amount must be stated, things will be more in your favor if you provide a range of expected salary amounts. Keep in mind that the employer can choose the lower limit of your salary range, so keep a difference of 5-10 thousand rupees between the lower and upper limit of your salary range.

do research
Find out about the average pay scale in that area before your interview. Find out what is the salary offered by common companies for the post applied for. This can give you a basis for what salary you can ask for.

If this question is in the initial stages of the interview, then you can cite your research and say what pay scale is acceptable in the industry. But do not fill in the name of just one source, because one name or company cannot become the standard for the entire field. Nor tell any single amount. Based on your research, explain your qualifications and provide your expected salary range. The truth is also that once you research the salary for the position you are applying for in the industry, whatever you say will automatically be said logically and confidently. You can also adopt another method

Learn to turn the question
If all the details of the appointment have not been finalized and you are already being asked this, you can ask this question back. That means you can politely ask about the pay scale of the company. Giving a reason for this, you can say that you want to know this so that you can present a realistic view. And then tell the panel about your expected amount based on your qualifications.