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JEE Advanced: Many IIT BTech seats remained vacant in IIT for the first time in 5 years


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This year, even after six rounds of JoSAA counselling, 23 B.Tech seats remained vacant in the country’s leading technical institutes, IITs. After the completion of six rounds of the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) counseling process, seats have been allotted to 17,340 candidates in 23 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), including 3,422 women candidates. A total of 17,385 seats were available for admission in IIT. Of these, 45 seats remain vacant which has happened for the first time in 5 years.

As per the data of last five years, the number of seats allotted at the end of JoSAA counseling has always been more than the number of seats available at the beginning of the counseling process. Last year, 16,598 seats were available but 16,635 seats were allotted. There were 16,232 seats available at the beginning of the admission process in 2021 while a total of 16,296 seats were allotted after the sixth round of admission. According to the news published in Indian Express, Professor Bishnupad Mandal, associated with the organization of JEE Advanced 2023, said, “The number of seats allotted is usually more than the number of seats originally available. This is because in case of a tie for some seats, additional seats are created during the admission round. “That doesn’t mean there are no vacancies.”

Some course branches of IIT are quite popular. A large number of candidates apply in these. In case of tie in admission, additional seats are created. Due to this, in some IITs the allotted seats are shown to be more than the originally available seats. At the same time, vacancies can be seen in special branches in some IITs.

Changes in JEE Main syllabus, many topics removed, but still included in Advanced

A professor at IIT Delhi, requesting anonymity, said, “Such vacancies are never apparent in particular branches of IITs, as the total allotment generally exceeds the available seats. “But the clear difference in seats available and allotted this year shows whether students are finding non-IIT options more attractive after the pandemic.” Another professor at IIT Bombay said, “Students also opt out of JoSAA if they realize that they are unlikely to get admission in their preferred course or in an IIT. That’s why they turn to non-IIT institutes.”

IIT Bombay became the first choice
The meritorious students who secured top 100 rank in JEE Advanced most chose IIT Bombay. IIT Delhi became his second choice. 46 meritorious students ranked in the top 50 got admission in IIT Bombay. At the same time, 67 meritorious students in the top 100 liked it. At second place, 22 meritorious students have taken admission in IIT Delhi and eight meritorious students have taken admission in IIT Madras, which has become the third choice. The report analyzed the choices of the meritorious including the top 1000 rankers.