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IRAS officer critiques 12th fail film ips manoj says IAS UPSC interview panel members are note hostile – IRAS officer found this thing bad about 12th fail film, says – I know IPS Manoj too, Education News


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The film 12th Fail, based on Manoj Kumar Sharma’s success in becoming an IPS officer by cracking UPSC despite failing in 12th class and his love story with IRS officer Shraddha Joshi, is garnering a lot of praise. In the film, actor Vikrant Massey has played the role of real life IPS officer Manoj and Medha Shankar has played the role of his wife and IRS officer Shraddha. Apart from fans, civil servants are also giving their opinion on this film on social media. Meanwhile, Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS) officer Anant Rupangudi has also expressed his opinion. He also revealed that he personally knows IPS officer Manoj Sharma, on whom the film is based.

Rupangudi in his tweet revealed that he met Manoj Sharma at a birthday party when he was posted as the DCP of Zone-1, Mumbai’s most high-profile and prestigious police district. Rupangudi did not know the story of Manoj’s struggle to become an IPS officer at that time.

Further in his tweet, the 1997 batch IRAS officer talked about the film. He wrote, “12th Fail Movie is a fairly well made film with some artistic liberties that slightly exaggerates the UPSC exam process and efforts. Yes, it requires a lot of hard work, but generally UPSC The interview panel members are not so combative or hostile and are not so critical.

He also said that he understands that there are certain aspects of the script that have to be followed. Talking about the love story of Sharma and his wife, Adhikari said, “It is shown very well, and from what I have seen, Manoj is still a devoted husband.” This post shared on X on January 14 has received 2000 views.

Earlier, IFS officer Praveen Kaswan had also given his opinion on this film. He had greatly praised the scene in the film when Vikrant Massey is entering UPSC Bhawan, Dholpur House, Delhi to give an interview. He had said that during an interview, it is a real depiction of what happens in the UPSC building. Went there like this three times.”

Let us tell you that IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma is currently posted as Additional Commissioner in Mumbai Police.