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IPS officer After 10th know which Stream best for Indian Police Service in 11th 12th class – To become an IPS officer after class 10th, know which stream will be best, Education News


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IPS officer After 10th: It is said that career is not made in a day, it requires many years of preparation. If you are appearing for 10th class board exam and want to become an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer in the future, then it is advised that whatever stream you choose for class 11th and 12th, you should be interested in it. Although there is no specific stream required among Arts, Commerce and Science to become an IPS officer, there are subjects of some streams, studying which can provide a strong foundation for your future career. After class 10th, students are very worried about the stream, through this article we are helping the students to reduce their worries. Let us know in detail.

Science stream- If you are interested in subjects like forensic science, criminology, or if you wish to specialize in some technical field of policing like cyber security, you can choose science stream with subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Mathematics. .

Arts Stream- Arts stream gives an opportunity to study subjects like History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology. All these subjects provide a better understanding of social issues, governance and human behavior. This knowledge of any candidate can be useful in the field of law enforcement.

Commerce Stream- The commerce stream focuses on finance and business through subjects like accountancy, economics and business studies. Let us tell you, through these subjects, one can learn about financial transactions, economic policy, business operations while dealing with financial crime or managing the police budget.

Which stream will be best?

Selection of stream depends on the personal choice of the student. IPS officers come from many educational backgrounds, so students should adopt the stream which they enjoy studying.