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Indian students to take degree in France French program start through international classes Say Emmanuel Macron – Now it will be easy to take degree in France, international classes will start, Indian students will get a big benefit, know how to take admission, Education News


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If you have been planning to learn French language for a long time, then now is a good opportunity for you. French President Emmanuel Macron has given a big gift to Indian students. He has said that by the year 2030, he will give opportunity to 30 thousand Indian students to study in France.

Let us tell you, France has launched a special program classes i.e. International Classes for Indian students. Students will spend a year learning French in France before earning their degree of choice.

The French Embassy said in its statement that even if Indian students are already learning French or are beginners, they will still have to take one year training in French language. After which he can take admission in the undergraduate program taught in French at the French Higher Education Institute.

Let us tell you, both French President Emmanuel Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are in support of starting international classes. As we have already told you, these international classes will enable Indian students to be taught French.

Manuel Macron has said that Indian students have a lot of potential and are very smart. At the same time, the visa process will be simplified so that students do not have to face any kind of problem in coming to study in France. The President has said, “We want to welcome 30,000 Indian students to France by 2030.” If this target is achieved, I will become the “happiest President”

At the French Higher Education Institute, Indian students will be given the opportunity to do courses in engineering, management, science, humanities, arts and other specialized schools.

Students whose performance will be good will also be given scholarship by the French Embassy to support higher education. Students who want to apply can do so by 31 March 2024 through the website www.classesinternationales.org. Can do through.