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Indian Army Day 2024 Wishes, Messages, Quotes: Every year in India, 15 January is celebrated as Army Day (Indian Army Day). This time the Indian Army is celebrating its 76th Army Day. Today is a day to salute the spirit, bravery, bravery and indomitable courage of the Indian Army. Be it fighting a war, doing rescue work after a major tragedy in the country or providing help to the needy people as soon as possible in an emergency, the Indian Army works with promptness everywhere.

Now the question is why 15th January was chosen for Indian Army Day. Actually, the Indian Army was formed under the British rule. It was built when India was ruled by the British. The senior officers of the Indian Army used to be Englishmen. Even after the country became independent in 1947, senior army officers were of British origin. But this trend ended in 1949. On January 15, 1949, KM Cariappa became the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army. Field Marshal KM Cariappa took command of the Indian Army from General Francis Butcher (of British origin). After independence, the first two chiefs of the army were of British origin. It was a very special moment for the Indian Army when the leadership of the country’s army came into the hands of an Indian. For this reason, Indian Army Day is celebrated every year on 15 January.

A grand Army Day Parade is organized on 15th January, which will be held in Lucknow this time. This is the biggest event among all the programs of Army Day. The Army Chief inspects the parade while taking the salute. On this day, salute is also given to all those brave fighters who sacrificed everything for the safety of their country and people.

Today, on Indian Army Day, you too should salute the Army by sharing these messages and pictures.

Left my home and made the border my home
Made the protection of the country a religion by risking one’s life.
Happy Indian Army Day

tell this to the winds
There will be light, just keep the lamps lit
Whom we protected by giving blood
Always keep this tricolor in your heart
Happy Indian Army Day

Yamraj posing as on the border
The enemy trembled after hearing the sound.
keep an eye out like a hawk
breath like clouds
Happy Indian Army Day

try freezing in the cold sometime
take a look at the water in the hot sun sometime
How is the country protected?
take a look at the border sometime
Happy Indian Army Day

I am a brave soldier of India
I am full of bravery, bravery and might
my chest is full of wounds
But I am a rock for enemies
Happy Indian Army Day

Salute to all the heroes of the Indian Army, symbols of bravery, bravery, valor, indomitable courage and sacrifice.
Happy Indian Army Day

Let’s respect the army and our brave soldiers
Remember the sacrifice and martyrdom of the martyrs
Salute those who died for the country with a bow
Happy Indian Army Day