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India overtakes China in Asia QS world university ranking144 Indian universities included in Asia list


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The list of Asia in the 2024 World University Rankings has been released by QS. India has left China behind in the matter of higher education including IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay. 148 universities from India are included in the Top Asia University Rankings of QS University Rankings, in which a total of 856 universities are listed. China is at second place with 133 universities and Japan is at third place with 96 universities. Let us tell you that IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay are included in the top 50 of this ranking, while there are also 5 such institutes which are included in the top 100.

Entry of Delhi University and Anna University in top 500 universities of the world

This ranking released on Wednesday includes 856 universities and 25 countries. Talking about performance, 21 universities of India are continuously improving year after year. There has been no change in 15 and 37 are new entries in this list. If we look at India’s number of new entries, India has the highest number, only 7 universities from China are new entries. According to Ben, Senior Vice President of QS Ranking, the increasing participation of Indian universities in QS indicates that the higher education system in India is continuously expanding. Apart from this, the research contribution of Indian institutes is also very important in their development, this shows that these institutes stand at par with the global community.

Overall, QS has selected these universities out of a total of 856 universities. IIT Bombay topped the list in India at 40th position, followed by IIT-Delhi at 46th and IIT-Madras at 53rd. Notably, 30 more colleges have been included in the ranking list as India had 118 universities in 2023 and 148 universities in 2024. All this shows that changes are continuously taking place in the right direction in the higher education system in India.