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IIT ISM: Research park will be built in IIT startups and research will get a boost – Research park will be built in IIT, startups and research will get a boost, Education News


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A research park will be built in IIT ISM Dhanbad in the coming time. The Board of Governors (BOG) of IIT Dhanbad has approved the proposal in the board meeting held in Delhi. Students and teachers will do research work in collaboration with industry in the research park. The focus will be on collaborative research and technological innovation between industry and academia. This will also give a big boost to startups. Let us tell you that at present only IIT Madras and a few selected IITs have research parks. In this, work related to innovation is done for industries. After getting approval from BOG, a place for this will be identified in the campus. In the board meeting, board chairman Prof. Prem Vrat, Director Prof. JK Patnaik, Deputy Director Prof. Dheeraj Kumar and others from BOG were present.

Second Academic Building will also be constructed in the campus. The meeting of BOG Delhi has also approved the construction of Second Academic Building in the campus. With the aim of increasing the number of students and increasing other resources, a second academic building will be built in the IIT Dhanbad campus. Recently, on the occasion of the centenary year of the institute, the foundation stone was laid to build the century building at a cost of Rs 130 crore. This building will also be equipped with modern facilities.

Type two 144 and type three 96 quarters will be made
A large number of new teachers and personnel have been appointed in IIT ISM Dhanbad in the last few months. Type two and type three quarters will be constructed in the campus for new teachers and employees. This proposal was put forward in the BOG meeting. The board has given green signal to the proposal to make 144 quarters of type two and 96 quarters of type three. Now the remaining processes will be completed.