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IIM Lucknow starts 2-year MBA for working professionals


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MBA from IIM Lucknow: To provide convenience to the employees working in private companies or government institutions, IIM Lucknow has started a two-year MBA. The institute has invited applications from all interested working professionals for this new MBA programme. Online applications for two-year MBA are starting from 20 November 2023. According to the press release issued by IIM, the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPWE) has been specially designed for employed employees.

Admission in two-year MBA will start in Noida CAMs of IIM Lucknow. Along with employees, entrepreneurs and professionals can also enroll in this.

The institute has said that through the PGPWE program, one can get great growth in career without leaving the job. Giving information about the admission process in this program, Head Professor S. Venkatramaniah, candidates will be able to get acquainted with global business trends through a two-week international immersion module of renowned business schools in Europe.

There will be four terms in the first year of the course. There will be three terms in the second year. PGPWR will also have topics like Management Information System and Designing Work Organization.

Application Qualification-
To take admission in the two-year MBA program of IIM Lucknow, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
– Must have at least three years of working experience in an institution or company.
-Candidates must have valid GMAT/GRE score, CAT score or GATE score. Otherwise candidates will also have to opt for PGPWE Entrance Exam. The entrance examination is proposed to be held on 17 December 2023. Shortlisted candidates will also have to go through a writing ability test and interview. For more information you can visit the official website of IIM Lucknow.