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If you want to work abroad london uk russia then keep these three things in mind to avoid any scam – Know these 3 things before doing a job abroad, otherwise you may get scammed, Education News


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If you are among those who want to do a job abroad outside the country, then first you should know about some important information, because it is not easy to take and do a job abroad in search of better opportunities and better salary. Many people can also become victims of fraud. Every day many cases of fraud related to recruitment taking place abroad come to light, in such a situation there is a need to be alert. Let us know what are the most important things to keep in mind before taking a job abroad.

First of all, let us tell you that when a youth wants a job abroad, some people target them, and often demand huge amounts of money in return for various promises. Sadly, the youth lose their money and get nothing.

Recently an incident took place, in which a case of fraud with many Indian youth to get a job abroad came to light. In which many Indians were offered jobs in Russia in the name of attractive salary packages, but when they reached there, they were forced to join the Russian Army and were deployed on the Ukraine border to join the war. Let us tell you, not only this case, but many cases of fraud regarding jobs abroad are coming to light. Seeing more cases of similar fraud, the Ministry of External Affairs issued an advisory in December 2023, warning against increasing incidents of exploitation by unregistered recruitment agents. Some things have been mentioned in the advisory to avoid becoming victims of fake job offers. Let us know.

1- Agent’s registration number- Youth who want a job are advised to verify the registration number of any agent who contacts them regarding job. Your registration number can be verified through the Government of India website emigrate.gov.in. Here is the list of registration numbers of Authentick agents.

2- Demand for money- Under the Immigration Act of 1983, agents can demand a maximum of Rs 30,000 from applicants. If any agents demand more money than this then understand that something is wrong.

3- Offer letter verification- When the job is secured, candidates are given an offer letter, but it is important to verify the letter before celebrating it. As advised by the Ministry of External Affairs, the offer letter should include the terms and conditions of employment as well as salary and employee contract details. If there is nothing like this, then understand that the offer letter may be fake.