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If doctors do private practice during college, PG recognition of medical college will be taken away – Education News


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If doctors do private practice during college time, then the recognition of PG in the medical college will be taken away. National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued new guidelines on PG studies in medical colleges. The National Medical Commission will monitor all the medical colleges including SKMCH online to know whether the standards of PG education are being maintained in the colleges or not. SKMCH Administrative Officer Dr. Ramakant Prasad said that NMC has issued guidelines on PG studies. Everyone is instructed to follow it. SKMCH offers PG studies in Surgery, Anatomy, Pathology, Medicine. DNB course is offered in Pediatrics.

Training room will be ready in the college for PG students
Training rooms will be prepared for PG students in other medical colleges including SKMCH. In this, PG students will be given training in the treatment of diseases. NMC has said that PG education can be done in medical colleges only if its building is also based on National Building Norms. This building should have a Central Sterile Service Department (a department where equipment is cleaned), ICU, Radiology, Laboratory. Apart from this, the departments should also have teachers and facilities for training PG students.

Teachers will have to maintain 75 percent attendance
The attendance of teachers in all medical colleges including SKMCH has also been increased to 75 percent. NMC will also monitor this. Recently, NMC had sought answers from the principals of medical colleges for not making attendance after linking Aadhaar. NMC has said in its letter that the presence of teachers along with students is also very important in colleges.

80 percent of hospital beds should be filled throughout the year.
According to the new guidelines of NMC, 80 percent of the beds in medical colleges running PG courses should be filled every year. Apart from this, there should be a separate laboratory for PG students. There should be ample space in OPD for viewing of PG students. Apart from this, NMC has also given instructions to keep digital records of all the investigations in Medical College.