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IAS Officer Abhilasha Abhinav Shares UPSC interview Tips What board members wants in candidates


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UPSC Interview Tips: UPSC exam is one of the difficult exams. After passing the Prelims, Mains exam, the last stage of this exam is UPSC Interview, which is also called Personality Test. In this personality test, the board members decide how much capability the candidates have to become a civil servant.

Candidates who are preparing for UPAC and have appeared for UPSC Mains exam should know what things to keep in mind during the interview. IAS officer Abhilasha Abhinav is explaining in detail here. Know here about the tips given by him.

– IAS officer Abhilasha Abhinav told that when you go for an interview, first of all keep all the documents with you. Before the interview, all your documents will be verified by the officials. In such a situation, do not make the mistake of showing false documents.

– IAS Abhilasha told that the board members will not check your knowledge in the UPSC interview. He has seen that in the main examination. During the interview it will be seen what kind of person you are and what is your personality? During this time, attention will be paid to things like your communication skills, sense of humor, analytical thinking etc.

During the interview it will be seen whether you have leadership quality or not. If a situation arises in your area in which riots occur, how will you come out of it? The leadership quality of the candidates will be checked through many such questions.

– Your general knowledge on current affairs will be checked in the interview. Questions related to this will definitely be asked. In such a situation, candidates are advised to read the newspaper daily.

Along with this, the board members will also check you psychologically and emotionally and will ask many situational questions.

– There is no fixed time in the final interview of UPSC, the interview of some candidates ends in just 10 minutes while for some it lasts for 45 minutes. In such a situation, candidates should not think of ending the interview early.