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Happy Republic Day Wishes 2024: top best messages sms quotes Images photos share on 26 January – Happy Republic Day Wishes: Share these patriotic poetry, SMS, messages and slogans on Republic Day, Education News


Happy Republic Day Wishes, Shayari, Photo: The whole country is immersed in the celebration of 75th Republic Day. Every moment of 26 January makes us feel proud because on this day in the year 1950 we got our Constitution. It was implemented across the country. India became a democratic republic. Republic Day is a celebration of the country’s achievements. Now the country is moving forward with a resolve to free itself from the mentality of slavery. Every citizen of India, which has become the fifth largest economy in the world, is working towards making the country strong and progressive. Every citizen has a big role in the Indian Republic. In these moments of pride, every citizen is filled with the feeling of patriotism. Here below are some such poetry, photos, messages, quotes and slogans which you can send to your close ones to wish them a Happy Republic Day.

Have built a house on earth but live in heaven
We are lucky to live in India
Mahshar Afridi
happy republic day

The anger of the country will not come out of the heart even after death.
The fragrance of loyalty will also come from my soil
happy republic day

The desire for revolution is in our hearts
Let’s see how much strength is in the killer’s hand.
– Bismil Azimabadi

Will hoist the tricolor,
Will hum devotional songs,
Promise this country,
Will make the most lovely country in the world.,…
happy republic day

They are the people of the country and will be useful to the country.
One day we will turn this land into sky
– Jaafar Malihabadi

Don’t ask the world
what is our story,
our identity is just this
That we are all Indians.
happy republic day

Our India is better than anywhere else,
We are its bubbles, this Gulsita is ours.
happy republic day

of the Republic of India,
There is respect in the whole world,
blooming for decades,
He has amazing glory.,…
happy republic day

Wish Republic Day with these best messages, photos, SMS

Let us remember that scene again today.
Remember the flame that was in the hearts of the martyrs,
In which freedom had flowed to the shore,
Remember that stream of patriotic blood…
happy republic day

Tell these winds today,
Keep these lamps lit,
Freedom taken by giving blood,
Don’t let such threads of love break…
happy republic day

I have never bowed my head and I will never bow my head.
The one who lives on his own is the real life.
happy republic day

Tell this little thing to the winds,
There will be light, keep the lamps lit
Whom we protected by giving blood,
Keep that tricolor in your eyes.
Best wishes to you and your family on Republic Day.

There is India in every heart,
There is respect for the nation
We are sons of Mother India,
We all are proud of this soil.
Happy Republic Day