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Happy Republic Day 2024 Wishes, Images: Today, on the occasion of 26th January, every citizen of the country is celebrating the national festival Republic Day with full zeal and enthusiasm. This day makes every citizen feel proud of India’s glory story. After independence, we Indians have achieved countless achievements, today is the day to celebrate and celebrate these achievements. The country’s military might will be visible in the 75th Republic Day parade. The parade will give a glimpse of unity and integrity in the cultural diversity of the country. On this national festival, you can send greetings to your friends and relatives through the following messages-

They are the lifeblood of the country and will be useful to the country.
We will turn this land into sky one day
– Jafar Malihabadi
Happy Republic Day

Our hearts are filled with the passion to sacrifice
Let’s see how much strength is there in the killer’s arm.
Bismil Azimabadi
Happy Republic Day

Religion does not teach to hate each other
We are Hindi, our country is Hindustan
Allama Ibal
Happy Republic Day

This hatred is bad, don’t nurture it
If there is hatred in your heart then take it out
Neither yours, nor mine, nor his, nor hers
This is everyone’s homeland, save it!!
happy republic day

Don’t live in the name of religion
don’t die in the name of religion
Humanity is the religion of this country
Just live in the name of the country
Happy Republic Day

O people of my country, raise this slogan a lot!
This is an auspicious day for all of us, let us wave the tricolor dear
But don’t forget that heroes have lost their lives on the border.
Remember something for those who did not return home…
Happy 75th Republic Day

The pride of the country lies with the patriots
The country is respected only by its patriots
We are the flowers of that country, friends
The country whose name is Hindustan
happy republic day

The anger of the country will not come out of the heart even after death.
The fragrance of loyalty will also come from my soil.
happy republic day

Our Hindustan is the best of all nations
We are its bubbles, these flowers are ours
happy republic day