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Republic Day 2024 Wishes in Hindi: This year, on Friday, January 26, 2024, the country will celebrate its 75th Republic Day. The Constitution of our country was fully implemented on 26 January 1950 at 10:18 am. To give importance to the date of declaration of Purna Swaraj on 15 August 1930, the Constitution was implemented on 26 January 1950 and 26 January was declared as Republic Day. This time, French President Emmanuel Macron has been invited by the Government of India as the chief guest in the program on 26 January. On Republic Day, flag hoisting and national anthem take place at India Gate as well as in various schools, colleges and government offices in Delhi. On the special occasion of 26th January, you can also send these selected wishes to your family and friends.

1 Don’t live in the name of religion,
Don’t die in the name of religion,
Humanity is the religion of this country,
Just live in the name of the country.
Happy Republic Day.

2, Neither is the government mine,
Neither is my pride,
Nor do I have a big name.
I just need a little
There is pride in the matter,
I am from India
And India is mine.

4.This hatred is bad, don’t nurture it
If there is hatred in your heart then take it out
Neither yours, nor mine, nor his, nor hers
This is everyone’s homeland, save it!!
Happy Republic Day!!

5. She will fall asleep after hugging you
In the cupboard with the tricolor,
This is patriotism sir
Wakes up only on certain dates.
Happy Republic Day 2024

6. Let us bow down and salute them,
to whom this position belongs
That blood is lucky,
Which is useful for the country.
happy republic day

7. Some intoxication is due to the pride of the tricolor.
Some intoxication is of the pride of the motherland
We will hoist this tricolor everywhere
This intoxication is of the pride of India.
Happy Republic Day 2024

8. There is India in every heart,
There is respect for the nation
We are sons of Mother India,
We all are proud of this soil.
Happy Republic Day

9. If you want to swim, swim in the ocean.
What is kept in the rivers and drains?
If you want to love, love your country.
What is there in unfaithful people?
Congratulations on 74th Republic Day

10.I neither want body nor money
I just want this country full of peace
As long as I am alive, for this motherland
And when I die, I want a tricolor shroud.
happy republic day