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Happy Republic Day 2024: on 26 January 75th Republic Day send these greeting Images Quotes Wishes to friends – Happy Republic Day 2024: Celebration of 26 January tomorrow, send these special greeting messages to friends, Education News


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Happy Republic Day 2024: Preparations for the national festival Republic Day have been completed. With the completion of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, India is celebrating its 75th Republic Day. The Constitution of India came into force 74 years ago. The Constitution is considered to be the greatest and most important document for democracy. Although the Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949, but the leaders of that time had decided to celebrate 26 January as Republic Day i.e. the second Independence Day. Since then every year 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day across the country. On this day, Prabhat Pheri is taken out in villages and cities. The flag is hoisted and sweets are distributed. Cultural programs are organized in schools, public institutions. There are speech competitions. On this occasion, a spectacular parade and tableaux showcasing the country’s culture and military might will be displayed on the duty path in the country’s capital Delhi from early morning. French President Emmanuel Macron has been invited as the chief guest on the occasion of the 75th Republic Day. Earlier in 2023, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi had attended the Republic Day as the chief guest. President Macron will also be accompanied by a delegation.

Here, greeting messages are being shared on Republic Day, which you can share with your friends and relatives and say Happy Republic Day 2024-

This hatred is bad, nurture it.
There is hatred in the hearts, take it out
Neither yours, nor mine, nor his, nor hers
This is everyone’s homeland, take care of it.

Come let’s hoist the tricolor together, let’s hoist the tricolor,
It’s our Republic Day, dance, dance and celebrate.
Will celebrate our 71st republic with joy
Happy Republic Day 2024

Don’t live in the name of religion
don’t die in the name of religion
Humanity is the religion of this country
Just live in the name of the country
Happy Republic Day
Happy Republic Day 2024

O sons of India, show courage!
Place your coin on the heart of the world
-Lal Chand Falak

No one can touch the border of that country
The country whose eyes keep watch over its borders

pride of the country, pride of the country
We are children of the country,
tricolor tricolor
this is our identity
Happy Republic Day 2024