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Employers look at your resume only for 3 to 5 seconds and search for these details for jobs said Expert – Expert said – Employers look at your resume only for 3 to 5 seconds and search for these details, Education News


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Simon Taylor, a former Disney recruiter and author of the upcoming leadership book “Build Smart,” says recruiters spend very little time looking at each resume. He looks at any resume for “three to five seconds” and decides whether it is worth reading further.

He explained that three to five seconds is a very short time, but to get the necessary information in such a short time, recruiters become “master keyword scanners” and look for details based on which they decide. Whether to proceed with the interview process or not. In such a situation, this is useful information for the candidates who are going to apply for the job. Let us know in detail what recruiters like to see first in a resume.

– ‘Current job position’

First, recruiters look at the current job position. That is, the post on which the candidate is currently working. Simon Taylor says, the first thing recruiters look at is what position you are working in. After which they compare it with the post for which the candidate is applying. Recruiters want to see how similar the current position is to the position they are looking to fill. This gives recruiters an idea of ​​what you are doing now and what you can do at their company. The interview process becomes easier if the post you are applying for matches the current post. Taylor says that if you don’t know where a candidate is currently working, hiring managers look at their latest job posting.

– ‘Work Experience’

When recruiters look at your latest job post, they will also see the name of the company you work for or have worked for. After which recruiters like to see your work experience. On the basis of which they decide how much knowledge the candidate has and how much contribution he/she can make in the growth of the company. It is only on the basis of this information that recruiters consider whether to proceed with the interview process with any candidate.