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Education News: Salary cut of 12987 teachers in Bihar they were dismissed due to absence in school – Bihar: Salary of about 13 thousand teachers cut in 6 months due to absence on duty


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Bihar Education Department cut the salaries of 12,987 teachers found absent on duty in the last six months during the inspection of schools. A senior official gave this information on Friday.

The department suspended 39 other teachers in the last six months for violation of various education rules, while 13 teachers were suspended for allegedly remaining absent from duty without sanction and for a period ranging from six months to two years in violation of teacher recruitment rules. Dismissed from service due to violation of provisions.

“In the last six months (till December 23), the department has found 12,987 people absent from duty (over a period of six months to two years) without the approval of the competent authority,” said an official of the department, requesting anonymity. There has been a cut in the salaries of teachers.” He said, ”Recommendations have also been made to cut the salaries of 131 other teachers.

Apart from this, 13 teachers have also been dismissed in the last six months for alleged violation of the provisions of Bihar School Teacher Recruitment Rules. The state education department is facing criticism over its recently issued circular regarding teachers. Used to be.

Raj Bhavan in Bihar on December 26 sent a formal message to the state Chief Secretary asking him to immediately implement ‘corrective measures’ against the ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘autocratic’ order recently passed by the higher education wing of the education department. Expressing his views, Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar said that passing such orders by the department appears to be destroying the educational environment in the state.

Both the allies of the grand alliance government in Bihar as well as the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have demanded immediate withdrawal of the circular. The state education department has taken many stringent measures to improve the quality of education in the state.