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Education News: Private Schools teachers tet ctet utet certificates degrees will be checked in ncte teachers eligibility check – TET certificates of teachers of private schools will be checked, many teachers may get trapped in eligibility check.


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Uttarakhand Education Department will now check the educational qualification of teachers and principals posted in private schools. After receiving complaints from various schools, Chief Education Officer Pradeep Rawat has given this order to all the block education officers. This investigation will have to be completed within a week. In his order, the Chief Education Officer has said that teachers in various private schools of the capital do not meet the NCTE standards. In many places, teachers are teaching children without passing NTT or TET, which is wrong.

As per rules, it is mandatory for such teachers to meet the standards of NCTE. Only after this will they be considered eligible to teach children. But, it has been seen that in many schools only graduate or post graduate passes have become teachers. Therefore, he has asked the BEO to check the qualifications of teachers in all the schools and submit the details within a week. Apart from the qualifications of the teachers, all the details about them will also have to be collected. Complaints have been received in various schools that the educational qualification of teachers and principals is not up to the standards. This is the reason why the Education Department has had to take this step. Let us tell you that educational qualification of teachers is also mandatory for recognition. In schools whose teachers’ qualifications are found to be below the standards, their recognition can also be cancelled.

Teachers of many schools may get trapped in the capital
Sources in the education department said that a large number of teachers in private schools are teaching without meeting the standards. There are also a large number of teachers who may have fake or invalid degrees. The degrees of teachers can be verified during the investigation. The SIT, which was investigating the degrees of government teachers, had initially received complaints from teachers of some private schools also. But, SIT had orders to investigate only government teachers, due to which private teachers could not be investigated, but this time it can be investigated.

All private schools recruit teachers as per the qualification and prescribed standards. The good results of schools prove this. In any private school, teachers who are ineligible or do not meet the standards are not hired. The truth will come out in the investigation of the Education Department.-Dr. Prem Kashyap, President-PPSA