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Education News: Instead of being happy on passing sixth class the girl students here are sad know the reason – Instead of being happy on passing sixth class the girl students here are sad, know the reason


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Passing a class after studying for a year is usually a cause of joy for students, but the situation is opposite in Afghanistan where girl students living under the repressive rule of Taliban cannot study further after passing the sixth class. Bahara Rustam (13) from Afghanistan went to school for the last time on December 11 at Bibi Razia School in Kabul. He knows that he will not be given the opportunity to study further. She will not be able to step into the classroom again under Taliban rule. A month after US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces withdrew from Afghanistan in September 2021 after two decades of war, the Taliban announced that girls would be banned from studying beyond the sixth grade.

Repressive Taliban measures towards women have been widely criticized internationally and the Taliban have been warned that such restrictions would make it almost impossible for them to gain global recognition as the country’s legitimate ruler. Despite this, Taliban is continuously imposing restrictions on women. UN special envoy Rosa Otunbayeva expressed concern last week that a generation of Afghan girls was falling behind every day. An Afghan education ministry official said last week that Afghan girls of all ages would be allowed to study in madrassas. Traditionally only boys study in these madrassas. Otunbayeva said it was unclear whether modern subjects would be taught in these madrassas. “Grading sixth grade meant we would study in seventh grade, but all our classmates cried and we were very disappointed,” Bahara said.

Setayesh Sahibzada, 13, who lives in Kabul, is worried about her future and is sad about not being able to go to school to pursue her dreams. Sahibzada said, “I cannot stand on my feet.” I wanted to become a teacher but now I can’t study, can’t go to school.” Analyst Muhammad Salim Paigir warned that depriving women and girls of education would be disastrous for Afghanistan. “Uneducated people can never be free and prosperous,” he said. The Taliban have banned women from many public places and most jobs and confined them to their homes.