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Education News : CCSU Exam: 1st and 5th semester papers cannot be given together chaudhary charan singh university – CCSU Exam: 1st and 5th semester papers cannot be given together


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Chaudhary Charan Singh University has given a shock to the students who had filled the back form of first semester along with fifth semester graduation. Such students will not be able to give papers of both the semesters together. The university will not issue admit cards for first semester students. According to the university, it was not allowed to fill the back forms of the first semester along with the fifth semester, but the students filled these forms. According to the university, students who have filled both the examination forms of first and fifth semester together will be able to appear only for the fifth semester papers. However, the fees deposited in the first semester will be adjusted with the sixth semester.

The company is also guilty, the college will not pay the fees
The university had also given the rules for not filling the examination forms for two semesters to the concerned company. Despite this, the company opened the portal and students kept filling the form. The company is also guilty in the whole matter. The university has assured to adjust the fees of the students, but the colleges will not refund their fees. The colleges have taken Rs 235 from each student. According to former General Secretary Ankit Adhana, along with taking action against the university company, orders should also be given to the colleges to return the fees. At the same time, Vineet Chaprana has demanded from the university to issue special back examination form.

Students caught cheating through Bluetooth
The team of Dr. Vinay Kumar, Dr. Shailendra, Dr. Sunderpal under the leadership of Prof. Shivraj Singh Pundir has caught two students copying through Bluetooth in AS College, Secunderabad. During the investigation, Bluetooth devices were also recovered from both the students. The university has taken action against the students in UFM.